Demorian / Press

“NEW SINGLE/EP OUT! "Exiling the Angels", go grab it, it is all free!! https://westparkasylum.bandcamp.com/album/exiling-the-angels”

"From Marduk To Gaia" is out now!! Available from http://depressiveillusions.com https://dir666.bandcamp.com

“NEW FREE SINGLE OUT!! Demorian interprets "Sleeping Beauty" with the well known swedish band Tiamat!”

“Get our free promo single "Paranormal"! All tracks are from our new coming album "Disco Diabolique". This fourth full length comes both on CD and Tape at Depressive Illusions Records & Satanica Productions very soon!”

“NEWS FOR SEPTEMBER! Our new free single "Pripyat Angels" is now finally out, this one was in fact recorded in may, but we have waited for the right moment as we going thru some changes in the band:) Hope you will enjoy this one too?”