Demons Alley / Press

“This is the first album of this band from Worcester, MA though they've been playing since 2006 (they released a 3 song EP in 2007), and have been touring a lot (mostly in Northeast U.S.) DEMONS ALLEY like glam rock, punk rock'n'roll and sleaze rock so they can only fit on our website, right? Although the very beginning of opening song "Dope City" sounds more like 70s British hard rock (an influence you'll also find in "Loaded Gun"), the band quickly gets back on their track with rock'n'roll guitars, anthemic choruses and they're going straight ahead! Songs like "Teenage Tragedy", "In My Sight", "GirlGang" make me think of an interesting mix of VELVET REVOLVER and The THROBS while you'll find a bit of HANOÏ ROCKS in "Blow 'Em Away" and "Better Off Blonde." DEMONS ALLEY also know how to make you sing along, just listen to "Boulevard Red"! You probably don't need more evidence that these guys do have good taste, do you? So check them out on CD Baby, iTunes or wherever you can.”

“This sleaze-rock release from Worcester’s Demons Alley is, I think, exactly what you would hope for from this genre—a dash of Kiss, a pinch of Aerosmith, and a generous portion of Guns ’N Roses. If these references are your cup of tea then prepare to jump out of your leopard-print pants and toss your panties on stage—Dead End Tricks is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Though there’s nothing remotely original about what Demons Alley is doing, you’ll be thrilled to hear this strip club music played by guys who aren’t gearing up to collect social security. While Steven Tyler is moonlighting on American Idol, and since Axl Rose can’t get out of his own ego long enough to make music, I guess it’s good to see that there’s a new generation coming up behind, proudly flying the cock-rock flag. ”

““Blow 'Em Away,” by Demons Alley: Time to shake it up with some old-school rock? Demons Alley...plays down-and-dirty sleaze rock with an edge of danger and a healthy dose of panache. This is a bar-brawl of a song, fast and lascivious, with a gritty bass line that can have you grooving. All in all, a perfect way to shake out the blues after a long week.”