Dementhia / Press

“Diez nuevas bandas han sido elegidas para continuar hacia la siguiente fase eliminatoria rumbo a la final regional de H. Ciudad Juárez, a celebrarse el 26 de noviembre en la explanada del centro comercial Las Misiones, donde el ganador obtendrá 10 mil pesos y la oportunidad de pasar a la gran final en la capital del estado.”

“CONGRATULATIONS!!! Dementhia made the Top 100 CAN Artworks 2013”

“con temáticas futuristas guerra, miedos hasta lo más grotesco Dementhia tiene como objetivo adentrar a su publico en un ambiente diferente y salir de la monotonía”

"Oontzcast episode 47 is wrapping up our adventure at the Cyber Genetic Winter Festival and sharing stories of shenanigans that ensued. All music played will again be from the festival but we did forget to mention the street hot dogs and cunt flaps. Enjoy! Bind.Torture.Grill!!"

"Dementhia plays a very solid industrial style with influences of aggrotech, EBM, and trance...""I liked how they mixed it up changing positions and it also gave me a break from the massive rave lasers blinding my eyes. What really stood out for me were the female vocals, because I love female vocals that have a rough creepy vibe..."

“DON’T MESS WITH INDUSTRIAL FAN PACK: Tee shirt, sticker, 2 patches and 4 buttons from Bind.Torture.Kill, signed CD and tee from Sin DNA, Dementhia tee, Souless Affection tee and signed Shattered CD and even a giant 6′ x 6′ stage banner for Don’t Mess with Industrial along with the DMWI compilation.”

“Dementhia Photographed by j. ward”

“The second night had a few standouts as well with Dementhia, Sin DNA and Leaether Strip who I had seen previously in LA but this performance blew that one away”

“The song Dementhia performed which I absolutely adored was called “Water The Harvest Fields In Red” which was so unbelievably stumpy it made me want to run out of the venue and go SHOOT GUNS!”

“There has been a grumbling in the Texas underground for awhile now- a rebirth has been happening. The first shots of this new revolution were fired at the 2010 Texas Industrial fest, and the initial groundwork was laid at a little festival in Austin,TX called Terrorbyte back in February.”

“Other acts on this album include the excellent "Dementhia", "Virus Filter" - a favourite of mine.”

“While browsing over Facebook today, Grave Concerns E-zine came across this new compilation that will be coming out soon. We think you should check it out. It has some amazing industrial, EBM artists that are ripping there way through Texas.”