Delta Twins / Press

“A spiritually blues-driven experience...that’s the journey the Delta Twins take you on the moment they hit the stage”

"The Delta Twins put on a high energy show that left the audience wanting more. I really enjoyed their take on Blues, Americana and Classic Rock."

“Delta Twins infuse the blues with their own unique style of soulful songwriting voodoo.”

Bryan Rodgers - Album Review

“Your show last night was over the top!!! Thanks to all of you for your music and energy. We played the CD twice last night!”

Erin A. - Fan comment

"The Seasons & The Scars... kudos to the people behind the desk because it sounds great...[and] the songs are strong."

“The Delta Twins ROCKED Arts, Beats & Eats. The crowd was having fun with the Blues!”

Roger Burghdoff - Arts Beats & Eats stage manager

“Wise lyrics, heartfelt performance, and consistent live shows make them a great band to follow. Stunning blues!”

Julian Gorman - Album Review

“Man...I was mesmerized.... the band really brings your tunes to life, Bob; great group; well done!”

Robin M. - Fan comment

“The Delta Twins were an instant hit with our audience, and have a wide appeal on many levels. Their musicianship is tight, their vocals enjoyable, and their selections moved the listeners in just the right way, with sincerity and energy. They are an extremely talented group that I highly recommend.”

Nancy Coumoundouros - City of Farmington Hills & Longacre Coffee House

“You guys were awesome. Our customers loved the song selection and the energy level. Next time around will be even bigger!!!”

“If rockin' is your business, then business is gooooood!”

Roger H. - Fan comment

“whooHOO! you guys were FANTASTIC!!! What a SHOWcase of your performance side! Glad to be there.”

Trish L. - Fan comment

"...an all original band that plays some serious blues with smooth vocals and clean guitars... a must see."

“The frontman, Bob Young, voices a distinctive american-modern, rhythmic-soul far from resembling folk. Lead guitar, Tom Kozanecki, plays with grace, inviting listeners to focus their attention. As their gregarious personalities welcome your participation, they also make you laugh between songs.”

“The original tunes tend toward a slick blues sound right in line with the band’s Midwestern roots. The covers present on the album show the band’s dedication to blues and classic rock.”

Bryan Rodgers - Album Review

“It’s difficult to find music like this in all the super saturate pop-madness...The Delta Twins may just have what you’re looking for. The lyrics are considerate of the human condition in ways consistent with blues and folk traditions. These are songs for the working class, not only to inspire but to empower and protect.”

Julian Gorman - Album Review

“The Delta Twins deliver a robust and complex sound, yielding an overall mellow experience; a perfect blend with the hand-crafted beer at Liberty Brew, in Plymouth's historic Lowertown.”

Patricia Lloyd - fan comment

“Delta Twins have enough variety that gives evidence to the songwriter's creativity, without letting you lose understanding of their style. Tastes of covers like B.B. King's "When Love Comes to Town" and original blues tunes resonate along with jammy breakdowns and groovy drum beats.”

“I really enjoyed listening to you folks last night. I enjoy your animation and energy when you sing. Detroit sure has a lot of great talent.”

Laurie Lacross-Wright - Rusty Wright Band (Detroit Blues Challenge Winners)

“What you see and hear on stage from The Delta Twins is pure, heartfelt, talent in music. What you may not see is the methodical professionalism and care these guys give to their art. They take pride in bringing you their very best. "Spread the Love" is a very fitting mantra. These guys ROCK! ”

“(Delta Twins) make good on their promise of delivering American blues and rock in an entertaining manner.”

Bryan Rodgers - Album Review

“That was great... but it was deep, too...I didn't know whether to slit my wrists or change my ways...”

Anonymous @ The Pike Room - fan comment

“My favorite band EVER... now can I go play with the Wii, Dad?”

Josh Y. - fan comment