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“August 8th 2015, T. Boyle’s Tavern, Pasadena CA: As an ideal preparation for their upcoming week-long run of US West Coast dates with fellow Los Angeles group Diamond Lane, hard rock quartet Delta Rose performed at T. Boyle’s Tavern in Pasadena last Saturday August 8 2015, and were allowed to play a rather unusually long set. “This ain’t a Hollywood show, and we’re playing longer than 20 minutes”, said vocalist/guitarist Spencer Krasch, and sure enough, it wasn’t, as Delta Rose brought forth a hefty dosage of wholehearted rock ‘n roll to this stage, much to the delight and satisfaction of all attendees that contributed to an excellent turnout for this free, all-ages eventput together by the folks behind the ‘Humpcast‘ podcast.”

"Insane, it's a party out here. It's mud n' the blood n' the beer, all weekend long dude. people eatin' up rocknroll like its candy, were handin' em' out, and their just poppin' em'. It's going down out here, people are into the music." - Spencer Krasch

“Through their own original and fresh interpretations, this band is second to none when it comes to preaching from the AC/DC / Van Halen school of bluesy hard rock.”

“Delta Rose is one of the best live bands out there. They are such a young band but have showmanship that is well beyond their years.”

“The music is full-blooded rock'n'roll with a shot of blues, sizzling with influences from the 1970s and 1980s.”

“The last time I saw this band was when they blew Anvil off the stage at the same venue a little over four years ago, and to me it was unbelievable that I had gone that long without seeing a local band as good as Delta Rose.”

“Delta Rose is the kind of band that feeds off of a crowd’s energy”

“bringing back to the stage not only solid, classic-rock-meets-blues-bar vocals and lyrics, but something that’s been lost to new music for a long time… SEX.”

“Rosemead rock band, Delta Rose, and Rosemead High School are planning a concert to benefit the families of two 19-year-old former Rosemead High students who were fatally struck by a train”

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

“Delta Rose’s sound is clearly full-throttle rock. Their goal is to make music that people can’t sit still to, according to Goss. While this goal may be ambitious, Delta Rose has the talent and the work ethic to make it a reality”

The Daily Aztec

“Voted One of the Best Live Unsigned Acts in the USA”

Music Connection Magazine

“Like with fashion, music is also cynical. What was old, is often new again. New young band Delta Rose, rocked the packed house with a live performance of original music inspired by the sounds of bands that played long before Delta Rose's members were even born.”

Stefhan Gordon - LA Music Examiner