Del P. / Press

“OMG DeL P released a BRAND Spanking NEW Album as a follow up to "Gr8 Awakenings" - MODEL CITIZEN is full of political punchlines and beats sure to quake. You will hear new Features by D1, Melissa Williams, The ACE, Jesse Ventura and Tupac...Columbus, Ohio may not be ready for this yet. #AheadOfIt'sTime”

“Del P released a new album last year (2015) titled "Gr8 Awakenings" which is full of tight hip hop/pop driven tracks and real rap styles on display. Ties in real world happenings and helps to illuminate light on those hidden areas of the world and the inner reaches of your musical soul. Available on iTunes, Amazon, and all other online music retailers. Search: DEL P”

“Six 1 Fo Records preparing to release new Re-Awakenings --> Mixtape 6/14/2014 www.six1forecords.com Produced by Del Perry”