Della Mae / Press

“Della Mae are a ridiculously polished all-grrrl nouveau bluegrass band based out of Boston. Each woman in the band is a lead player on her instrument, and their vocals and harmonies are tighter than the hangman's noose. This is bluegrass music played with a love for its roots and great hope for its future. Bluegrass played with the knowledge that Bill Monroe's vision fits just as well in a new century as it did in the last one. Bluegrass played with confidence, drive, and the pure energy that birthed the music in the first place.”

Hearth Music.com

“By blending traditional bluegrass technique with modern songwriting themes, Della Mae brings a new and fresh perspective to a genre that has been yearning for something innovative for many years.”

Michael Gebelein - the Mountain Times

"I very much enjoyed the Della Mae set at Grey Fox. The pickin' was stout and the singing was sweet! Great song selection and arrangements prove that [they] have something new to offer, while maintaining a great respect for tradition. I can't wait to hear the band play again!"

Stephen Mougin, Sam Bush Band - Bluegrass Rules

“A 'woman' who can burn the pants off everyone at a Texas fiddle contest AND sit just as comfortably in an Irish, bluegrass, Swedish or swing jam. Kimber Ludiker represents this new ideal of a truly well-rounded musician with deep roots and a wide open mind.”

Mike Marshall - Mike Marshall