DeLise, TMG Recording Artist / Press

"How does it feel to be our first, featured "On Blast, new Artist??!

“What's the message you'd like to pass on through your music? (Mostly, if you have the gift, others, will let you know. And when they do, that is a cry out to you; to use it. I know of no one, who does not see some benefit, in real, meaningful, music. Find your source of joy, and keep it flowing...)”

“Who have you worked with on the past? ( I've recorded with John Sangster (former Al Green Saxophonist); Met with Larry Dotson of the Bar-Kays for a project. Grew up making songs with Blues Artist, Sheba Potts Wright; we knew we were destined to do this music thing, as young as, 6 or 7 years old.) anyone famous? ( Yes; "He", is actually the producer of two of the songs on my cd, "Dream; Realized" and is currently touring with Justin Timberlake.)”

“What changes, if any, would you like to see in the music industry? (More magazines, like Tru Ent, opening up doors, for Indie Artists by interviews, such as this; less of the "payola" rumored to still exist in radio. I can honestly say, I have traveled 4 hours in a vehicle, and heard the same set of songs, in rotation the entire trip. How can a new artist get heard??? Would also like to see artists reach out to bring others in; I went right back to my hometown of Memphis, TN, when I was offered an open recording/distribution contract, to bring on board those who have followed my struggle.”