Delilah DeWylde and The Lost Boys / Press

“Delilah DeWylde is a Grand Rapids music staple. From her vintage dress to her black bangs, perched atop an upright bass, one is hard-pressed to find a West Michigan music lover who hasn't seen her perform. DeWylde cites a love for The Bakersfield Revival, as well as "vintage-throwback" in general, as shaping factors when forming the group. "Our intention was to continue with our rockabilly roots and branch out into classic country sounds," she said. "The classic country vocal style was fun to sing, so we kind of went with that since the beginning." Going along with the classic country themes, DeWylde rattles off a list of the usual lyrical suspects — "Broken hearts, cheating, drinking," to name a few, as Harvey's use, along with reworked versions of old songs the group likes. DeWylde helps Harvey with the arrangements. ”

“More than once, bassist/guitarist Delilah DeWylde has changed clothes in her car while driving to another gig. It's just part of the routine -- as hectic as that routine gets -- for those who perform in more than one band. Plenty of West Michigan musicians choose to do just that, singing in various combos or playing different instruments for wildly contrasting outfits, sometimes the same week or even the same night.”