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“FOUR STARS! "DelGrosso confidently matches his plugged-in resonator mandolin to the electric guitar of Richardson on an impressive bunch of original songs that could only come from the marshlands and bayous of Southeast Texas. That old string-band instrument has an air of gracefulness about it. Above-average singers, the two share the ability to convey boundless joy ("She's Sweet") and romantic uncertainty ("Hard to Live With"), supported by a crackerjack rhythm section, the Texas Horns and local guests." ”

Frank-John Hadley - Downbeat

““Time Slips On By” can only be described as “blues manna from heaven” for all lovers of “traditional” blues – as it melds the talents of mandolinist Rich DelGrosso and guitarist Jonn Del Toro Richardson on a set that pays tribute to artists as diverse as Yank Rachell, Johnny Young, Robert Nighthawk, Albert and Freddie King.... you have what I can only describe as a superb set." Rating 10”

Mick Rainsford - Blues In Britain

““Blues mandolin virtuoso Rich DelGrosso is both heir and champion of a blues tradition unknown to many fans. But men like Howard Armstrong, Yank Rachell, and Johnny Young applied their blues sensibilities to the normally non-blues instrument. Yet on his latest release, Time Slips On By, DelGrosso doesn’t merely echo his mentors. Together with guitarist Jonn Del Toro Richardson and several other fine East Texas-based musicians, DelGrosso uses the inspiration of his instrumental forbears to forge a unique sound somewhere between blues, rock, and roots, with a healthy dose of Tex-Mex thrown in to keep things interesting."”

Melanie Young - Living Blues

"Sometimes you need to dig further in the record bins to get to the diamonds. This is one of those. They should be out on the festival circuit this summer pushing the hell out of the disc! If not, something is wrong out there!"

Kyle M. Palarino - Blueswax

“Individually I absolutely adore these two guys. Rich is such a bad-assed mandolin player, and Jonn is an exquisite guitarist (with Diunna Greenleaf) the thought of these two getting together just blew my mind. Each takes a turn in featured songs, and they in turn compliment each others efforts seamlessly. The title cut is just one of the best cuts I have heard in quite some time. Covering American Roots Music in all it’s wide open ranges this is truly an American album to be played all summer long. These two Houston-based masters know how to get it together and put it down. Oh yeah ‘Summertime Is Here’ has earned a spot on my all-time summer songs list. Folks, you gots to check this one out, trust me.”

"...you might want to experience how DelGrosso puts his passion to practice on a terrific disc he has cut with an absolute master of blues guitar, Jonn Del Toro Richardson, Time Slips On By. Not content to simply revisit the blues canon to put a new spin on other artists’ songs, the duo has composed 14 original numbers steeped in the southeast Texas style......Such are the pleasures of Time Slips On By, with its solid songwriting, clever arrangements and masterful playing--a keeper of an album it is, and yet more proof of the blues’ continuing vitality."

Founder/Publisher/Editor: David McGee - The Bluegrass Special.com

" This is a fine album brimming with energy and packed with good songs, clever arrangements and exuberant and masterful playing. Although this review is being written in February this album has to be a contender when the gongs are handed out later this year.

Dave Drury - Blues Matters

"Both leaders are masters of their respective instruments, and while they’re savvy enough to avoid overindulgence, the fretwork is invariably fiery. They share vocals almost interchangeably, both agreeably gruff and authoritative, relaxed where appropriate and exuberant when it’s called for. There’s not a weak tune or less-than-stellar performance to be found, and the disc is brimming with energy and impassioned singing and playing. Add in the varied and relatively unusual instrumentation, and it really doesn’t get much better than this. Very highly recommended!"

John Taylor - Blog Critics

"...starts off in fine Texas Blues tradition, Guitar and Mandolin just a blazing. A wonderful opening track that sets the stage for the rest of the Album to a perfect tee, especially the way that they tradeoff shining in the spotlight as Rich and Jonn bring their own special mix to the party ....... creating a wonderfully textured and varied album." "Time Slips On By" is one of those albums I have called brilliantly unique and is certainly an early contender in this years race towards well deserved accolades. I give "Time Slips On By" my highest rating of 5 STARS. Certainly an Album to be talked about for 2011. Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed..."

John Vermilyea - Blues Underground Network

"Straight out of the legendary Wire Recording complex in Austin, Texas comes Houston-based DelGrosso's latest that quite effectively teams the solidly rocking string wizard (electrified National resonator mandolin, Gibson mandola and bottle-neck slide guitarist) with Southeast Texas-cured guitarist (and standout vocalist) Jonn Del Toro Richardson on fourteen inspired originals, divided pretty evenly between the pair. " "A breath of fresh air for the blues."

Gary von Tersch - Blues and Rhythm

"They’re masters, plain and simple, and Time Slips On By is an exceptional set of songs.." "Rich DelGrosso and Jonn Del Toro Richardson entwine ass-shakin’ funky, countrified, and big and soulful blues on a mandolin and a guitar with a wicked hot band in their engine room." "DelGrosso jump-starts the album with his “Baby Do Wrong,” his box o’ rocks voice, locomotive riffs, and sparks-a-flyin’ licks doing nothing but right. Guitarist Richardson plays with restrained taste and heaps of soul, and has just enough of a serrated edge in his voice to drive a song deep." "You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone else playing the blues like Rich DelGrosso and Jonn Del Toro Richardson."

Tom Clarke - Hittin' The Note

“Listed in the TOP TEN REVIEWS! "DelGrosso and Del Toro Richardson were made to play together, kicking up their heels in thick, nasty, smoky blues swinging and swaying in a hot delta breeze.." "Man, you have no clue how the two amplified axes can complement each other so grittily and so sweetly at the same time. Time may indeed slip on by, but their playing doesn't, and it'll stick in your ear for years to come."”

Mark S. Tucker - Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

"some mighty fine Texas blues and roots with solid vocals, solid lyrics and more than solid instrumentation..." "...in other words these two do the blues as it should be done."

Jerry Henry - Planet Weekly

"I don't make statements like this lightly – particularly in January – but the title track is a Song Of The Year candidate. Richardson's vocal is sweeter than honey and would be enough to recommend this track on its own, but there's so much more. Richardson takes a brief, tasteful solo which is followed by some fancy mandolin picking from DelGrosso. The added horn section accents put it over the top." "Time Slips On By is a wonderful collection of good songs and great playing by two men capable of standing on their own as solo artists but in this instance two heads really are better than one. Let's hope they don't let too much time go by before they join forces again."

Josh Hathaway - Blinded by Sound

“Rich Del Grosso’s mandolin playing is pure virtuosity and Jonn Del Toro Richardson’s guitar work and vocals are equally compelling. Enjoy—this is a real Blues treat! "Rich, with his strong vocals certainly puts the “Man” in “Mandolin!””

Pete Sardon - Southland Blues

"These two have combined their considerable talents on "Time Slips On By," fourteen original cuts that meld rockin' mandolin with the fiery blasts and fat tone of Jonn's guitar, making this one a sweet slice of southeast Texas roots music mixed with some hot Chicago-styled blues." "This one was a real treat to listen to, and is a guaranteed hit with all blues fans!"

Sheryl and Don Crow - Nashville Blues Society

"Del Grosso switches between a ringing National resonator mandolin and an old Gibson, sometimes laying back while Del Toro Richardson blazes away on this set of 14 originals."

Billings Gazette

"This is a very fine blues album by two veterans who know how to make good music that's rich with tradition and at the same time full of contemporary polish and professionalism. Both men capture the spirit of this great music as much as anyone can. You should enjoy it as much as I do."

Jim White - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Way different kind of set that’s certain to grab you by the ear and not let go. Take some stripped down ZZ Top, add resonator mandolin, tear the roof off the sucker and forget about adding water or passing go and collecting $200..."

Chris Spector - Midwest Record

"...this is a great set of fine blues. Time Slips On By represents exactly what I love about the blues; tasteful instrumentation, heartfelt lyrics and solid vocals." [DelGrosso] "When he sings, he is the blues." [Del Toro Richardson]"The vocals are solid soul, while the guitar licks are stone cold blues." "the blend of their talents makes for a marvelous performance."

Ricky Bush - Back In The Day

" Part of the duo’s unique sound comes from Rich’s mandolin playing. People don’t normally associate the mandolin with blues but you’d be surprised how natural the blending of it, guitars and horns sounds….The other half of the pair, Jonn Del Toro, is a blues guitarist who defines the Texas Blues." "Time Slips on By is 14 original songs full of vinegar and energy!"

Lee County Courier

"This is a great disc by two great players! ...I was hooked by the first 10 seconds of the opening "Baby Do Wrong," a Texas shuffle played great. And after that things never drop off--the level stays hot all the way thru." "Wonderful. Give this one a chance and it will grow on you--or you could get hooked by the first 15 seconds. Either way, this is a disc to enjoy and treasure. "

Bruce Edwards - The Sunday Night Blues Project