Deletah / Press

“Slick Ric would be proud, because not only does Deletah have a ‘Space Mountain’ track that samples a very questionable female pop star.. it may well be the oldest ride in the park, but baby, it still has the longest line … Deletah in turn, move over any possible Mortal Kombat sessions & crack open an evening viewing of Kill Bill instead. Name the track ‘O’Ren’s Katana’ after the famous Samurai sword used, and sprinkle all sorts of Skrillex and Feed Me crumbs over the top of it. When did chivalry become dead?”

“Just heard car themed dubstep track called Ignition by Deletah, and I am not surprised on how filthy this tune is. Â I cant get enough of track, really dope wonky sounds in this tune. Â Definitely an instant download and replay.”

“WOW! Absolute drumstep banger from Milwaukee Wisconsin duo, Deletah. Excellent sample work with Taylor Dayne's old hit "Tell It To My Heart", followed by an even nastier drop, compels me to share this killer find with you! Get ready to bang your head to this one.”

“The Goombas have had their heads squashed and bodies thrown in all sorts of directions courtesy of Deletah on previous visits. However, as we all can’t get enough of a good Super Mario and Kill Bill fight, Deletah comes back with an ear-splitting rendition called ‘Candy Air’ – which has no extra added preservatives or E-numbers in sight.”

“Super, Epic, Dope, Ness. That’s all that you need to know about Deletah’s new song Ignition. It’s a screechy banger that drops, and drops, and drops… and then drops some more.”

“This duo comes from the great northern land called Wisconsin, aka.. the land of many beers. And despite what foreigners think of this great land of cheese & bratwurst, primo dubstep flows like the choicest of products. Deletah will have you on your feet raging your face off like the Packers just won the super bowl.”

“This remix from Deletah (formerly Macabremusic and Slick Werk) puts a dnb spin on it, which toughens it up. Corking stuff.”

“This is their first released track together and it is nothing like their material when they are working separately. It is apparent that when these guys are together, their talent not only doubles, but has no limits. Be on the look for this duo because individual they are making their mark; but together, they will be changing the outlook of dubstep. This is a definite upgrade to first class.”

“I’m posting their stuff because these guys are going to be MASSIVE.”

“Here is some fresh new DnB for you chuchies out there. Let me just introduce Deletah to you guys real quick. They are a drum and bass//electro group made up of my main man and frequent Ocean Peds collaborator, Slick Werk and Justin Richter also known as DJ Macabre. Did you read that correctly? I said Slick Werk. That's right, the man does it all. This duo took one of my favorite Deadmau5 songs and turned it into something all their own. I've said this countless times before -- Don't remix a song unless you plan on making it better than the original, and Deletah has done just that. I'm not kidding when I say this track will knock your face off. Definitely be on the lookout for more tracks from these guys. SWAG!”