Deleo / Press

“Today's Infinite Add-Up selection is a choice of courage, specifically my own. When I hit the play button and my special noise cancelling, fancy headphones funneled all that sound into my ears all at once, I felt things snap and break loose deep inside my neural cortex. I crawled over to the closet and found my hot water bottle, neatly stored on the shelf, filled it with warm water and crawled into bed. After an hour or so of disturbing dreams I woke up again and shambled back to the computer. I come from Viking stock, old or not, I can handle this...I hit play again. I poured back some scalding hot coffee, gritted my teeth and held on for the ride. Couldn't understand a damn word of it. But I do feel like smashing things. I looked around everywhere for my battle axe. But I think my wife threw it out when I wasn't looking. ”