Del Castillo / Press

"Watching brothers Rick and Mark del Castillo take the stage and throw down dazzling nylon-string runs, in unison and in harmony, made me a big fan. Think of them as Los Hermanos Allmans, playing infectious Latin rhythms with mind-boggling solos. They whipped the crowd into a frenzy."

““…this is a real joy; the sort of passionate material that makes jaded reviewers fall back in love with music. Fresh-faced flamenco; great classics given a new coat of paint; jamming with the enthusiasm of a band that is comfortable together, but years away from feeling tired; and songs full of character and flair. Great stuff.””

Derek Walker - The Phantom Tollbooth

““ Del Castillo is one of those bands you have to see to believe… something like the Gypsy Kings meet Guns N Roses….the acoustic guitar playing is so crisp and romantic...“”

Chris Jorgensen - Billings Gazette

““Del Castillo’s winning points are, well, the whole freaking band. The guitars stand out because they’re so prominent, but everyone pulls their weight. Infinitas Rapsodias delivers in every sense. The only way to discuss the guitar play is ferocious. I’m worried my stereo will burst into flames; it’s so intense. Songs like (Lumbres de Babylon) would get any audience throwing their hands up, screaming. It will make you want to swing from chandeliers. …if you have any love for Mexican guitar, songs about passion and nature, and stuff you can dance to and cry to, look no further than Infinitas Rapsodias.”

John Powell - Angelica Music

““I always write about music while listening to the CD. I couldn’t do that with this one. It would be like eating McDonalds French Fries while touring The Prado Museum while reading an Archie Comic Book (all apologies to Veronica). No worries. If you have a brain in your head, if you have a heart in your soul, the music will automatically grab you and hold you. Much more than a ‘Latin Rock’ band, they are a musical inoculation. One song and you are guaranteed to never listen to Justin Bieber again. The music on this album is stunningly beautiful, rhythmically brilliant and infectious.…Del Castillo mixes up a sonic soup that is an old family recipe, and man, is it delicious.…Pick this one up and pop it in, you’ll become an instant fan. The music these guys create has a passion and energy that transcends any language barriers, cultural stereotypes, or genre, which has resulted in Del Castillo becoming international touring stars. One listen and it’s not hard to see why.”

Robert Carraher - The Dirty Lowdown

“Del Castillo meld flamenco, Latin rock, R&B, cumbia, salsa, folk and jazz in a furious storm of nylon-string Spanish guitars, thundering rhythms, & soaring vocals. Taking “peace, love, music” as a kind of mantra, they purvey a winning combination...”

Bliss - Pasadena Weekly

“Del Castillo conveys a new level of nuance fluidity…. never less than impeccable… it takes more than skill to pull off what they do; it takes soulfulness and you can hear it clearly…””

Lynne Margolis - Texas Music Magazine

““…Gipsy guitar flavored rock numbers that shake hot sauce all over an Allman Brothers jam ethic.””

Michael Corcoran - Austin American Statesman

“(Del Castillo’s) flamenco panache soothes the savage breast as effectively as a world-famous gypsy institution of Catalonian descent… Ultimate testament to these all-stars comes from the fact that the only name that needs recall after spinning this eponymous disc is Del Castillo””

Raoul Hernandez - Texas Platters - Austin Chronicle



"An intoxicatingly rhythmic combination of flamenco, Latin rock, blues and some R&B."


““Sexy and Rhythmic””


"Brilliance on nylon-string classical guitars..."


"They pull together Latin music's romance and rock's grit."