Delaney Simpson / Press

“Delaney Simpson, you are a joy to listen to. In my heart you are the future of music. Music needs to come alive again from all of the teeny bopper crap that is being force fed to younger people”

Artist - Robert Watson

““I'm LOVIN Ur music; beautifully intimate, emotional raw acoustic folk songs, U have incredible maturity and restrained power in Ur vocals without 'oversinging' and genuinely sincere and poetic lyrics! Its so rare these days to find girl singers that wear their heart on their sleeve and sing from experience, Adele has it, but U clearly have that quality to; U remind me of an acoustic Avril Lavigne! I espesh enjoyed "The Truth" and "Small Town California!"”

Jamie Connolly - Artist

“I'm telling you, Delaney's got all it takes to win your heart. A vivacious spirit, a compellingly sensitive, almost too-worldly perception of the good and bad in human nature, and a beautiful sense of melody and how to make it work so seamlessly with words. She's awesome!”

Salariatus - Artist

“You are our Artiste of the day and we have played & listened to all the songs you have on your player, outstanding…”

Second Journey - UK Award Winning Artist

“These songs are so beautiful and so beautifully performed! Thought provoking lyrical content sent forth on a carpet of musical excellence. Delaney Simpson's unique vocal soars like an arrow, striking the listener's heart and infusing he/she with a sense of soulfulness. That was this listener's experience. Simply incredible!!!”

Rick Frost - Artist

“Within The First Few Seconds Of"Pathetic Girl" I Realized I Was Listening To An Amazing Artist With Lots Of Great Stories To Tell..”

Audiosapian - Artist

““After listening intently our response is this:  Delaney might be the next Jewel.  These songs hit home the same way.””

Tam Lin - Tam Lin Instruments

“I am listening to your "THIS DREAM" on YT. Amazing. display of talent. Your voice, the guitar, the setting, perfectly come together brilliantly.”

Greg Ashton Haze - Artist

“These songs stand as a testament to the promising future of music! I've a feeling that the best is yet to come from Delaney and I, for one, can hardly wait!!!”

Beyond The Cage - Artist

"I am a soldier, I was unfortunately hurt, but I've been listening your music and I survived everything! Thank you for helping me!!"

Róbert Kókai - Fan

“The Delaney sound is magically compellingly fabulous and your number one spot in the chart reflects how incredibly talented and superb a singer songwriter you are.”

Johnny Bonkers - Artist

“I know talent when I hear it..Delaney, you're a fine young poet with a truly lovely voice.”

Dave Younger - Artist