DEHVA / Press

“Chadwyck “Dehva” Gillings developed a love for music at the age of ten due to his mother’s passion for Lovers Rock and the souls of Jamaican music. Theres not much more to be said as he would then venture off into the depths of musical experiences. He remembers hearing the likes of Sugar Minott, Gregory Issacs and Beresford Hammond distinctly as having an effect on how he later consumed and produced from here out. Dehva as his name suggests stands for his ravenous behaviour towards his goals and aspirations. As such African Roots sound system which was his neighbours champion sound would be the perfect place to listen to and generally getting involved in music. A DJ would be born. His neighbour of the same age would steal his father’s records to play on Dehva’s set up they managed to put together from unscrupulous activities around his community. From here on he would become a respected sound handler within his community.”