Degradations / Press

"Featuring Withered vocalist/guitarist Dylan Kilgore (only vocals here), Atlanta quintet Degradations are probably the most blatantly extreme band on the comp, riding high on the waves of their LP length, S/T debut which their contribution “I Hate This Place” originates from. The twin guitars of Brad Paul and Micah Vaughn are punk-tempo, black metal tuned, and thrash-y in their universe destroying, gravitational pull; though they aren’t afraid to slow their infernal d-beat to a suicidal doom drudge whenever drummer Terry Walker lets up on the Discharge speed/manic snare fills and switches ventures for a painkiller addled breakdown. There’s a whole lot of steroid pumped vitriol on this one, not to mention schizo vocal screams and general aggravated assaults…these guys were the surprise on this collection for me, and I hope to grab a copy of the S/T whenever I get some money to do so". - referring to the song, "I Hate This Place", off of Degradations', self-titled album.

“Atlanta, Georgia has long been a hotbed of musical talent, ranging from the Progressiveness of Mastadon to the smooth hip-hop of Outkast. There has been a huge influx of ‘Syrupy Southern Influenced Doom/Sludge’ lately, in the form of bands like Kylesa and Primate. Sadly, most of these bands, while extremely talented, border on the verge of sounding the same. DEGRADATIONS manages to pull together their collected love for these bands and mix them seamlessly with the crush and urgency of Down and even a little metalcore flavor. This is a result of all the bands members being from different musical backgrounds but uniting for a shared purpose: Crush and Level. The songs almost swoon the listener with it’s smooth, yet inexplicably dirty, sounding transitions and floor stomping grooves. The vocals reek of whiskey flavored hell in the form a rotten croon that easily haunts your brain for weeks on end. When combined, what happens is one of the dirtiest sounds to lay waste to the ‘Dirty”

"Degradations are a band who I have been keeping a close eye on for the last 6 months or so. As their Southern Sludge based Stoner Metal is very different from bands coming from the legendary Atlanta scene. Degradations feel they belong to the NOLA scene instead of being from Atlanta. Their stunning debut S/T album is a collection of 7 hard-rocking tracks that runs for about 30 mins or so. These guys don’t mess around. The band is loud, brutal and heavy from the word go. Influenced by bands such as Down, Pantera, EyeHateGod, and Corrosion Of Conformity but with added Stoner Metal riffs to stand out from the crowd. First track – Through Hauntings We Burn – is a 5:05 minute affair that starts with a blazing riff before exploding into loud volumes of noise with vocalist Dylan on fine inspired form through out. Degradations are in a relentless mood from start to finish. This song is perfect head-banging/mosh-pit material. Embrace the powerful riffs."

"If Degradations’ debut track, “Already Broken,” was about exploring various forms of metal and hardcore and showing off their versatility, “I Hate This Place,” a newly revealed track from their upcoming debut, is about getting down to brass tacks and delivering as much chaos and punishment as possible in two minutes. Opening with scathing guitars and relentlessly charging drums, the track comes hurtling out of your speakers at a frantic pace, eventually giving way to a bruising breakdown that slows everything to a measured crawl. In many ways, it’s standard fare for this sort of hyper aggressive, metal-based music, but there’s no denying the sheer ferocity of Degradations’ assault. Give it a listen below."

"The Atlanta metal scene is growing at a rapid rate, and one of it’s main heavyweights is coming out with a new release next month! The mighty Degradations has unveiled the cover artwork and first song from their debut album, and we have both for you below! The record was produced and engineered by Degradations, Robert Dyson and Garrett Scates at Wizkid Sound Studios in Atlanta, and the amazing cover artwork was done by Ethan McCarthy! So that’s the official stuff, but here’s what you’ve been waiting for! The album includes seven tracks, and you can hear the powerful “Already Broken” right here! FUCKING INCREDIBLE RIGHT?!??! As with every song on the record, it’s BEYOND HEAVY! LISTEN NOW! Pre-order information and more songs will be revealed soon, but you can stay up to date with the latest from the band at their BandCamp, Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter pages! Enjoy!"

“With the current influx of up-and-coming metal and hardcore bands re-shaping the heavy music scene in Atlanta, it’s interesting to listen for how newer bands formulate their sound to either fit in or stand out from what’s happening. With “Already Broken,” the first track to be revealed off their upcoming debut, Degradations have provided us with an initial taste of what their recorded output is going to sound like, and the operative word here is versatility. The track never locks into any specific genre or metal off-shoot—there are thrashy riffs, brutal hardcore breakdowns, and hints of sludge and doom, all delivered with the frantic intensity of metalcore. Vocalist Dylan Kilgore has got the throat to tie it all together; he unleashes growls and screams galore, but there’s also a bit of hardcore gravel in his lungs that helps make even their most extreme moments more digestible. All in all this is some fairly ferocious shit that rips pretty hard. Give it a listen below.”

“In less than a year Degradations has been making some serious noise in the Atlanta metal scene. Featuring members from other locals acts, this group came together and are creating something special and HUGE! From their blistering set at the first ever Slaughter-Que to their more recent shows, this band just gets better and better! They will be releasing their first EP soon and you better be ready for it! Every song this band writes has it’s own power and drive, and it’s a refreshing sound in a world where a lot of bands tend to sound the same! They will make Atlanta proud! Do you get what I’m saying? REMEMBER THE NAME DEGRADATIONS! - See more at: www.SkullsNBones.com”

“Next up was the debut of Degradations! You could say that this band is a “supergroup” of other bands in the area, but I truly consider them a whole new monster! For being their first show ever, it was unbelievably powerful! They took the energy from Harvester and took it to a new level with their material! The crowd finally exploded during the crushing ending to their last song of the night, and people were left bruised and battered! It was incredible! Remember the name Degradations people, because they are doing something really special! - See more at: http://www.metalnewsonline.com/skullsnbones-post/skullsnbones-news/the-first-ever-slaughter-que-was-a-huge-success!”

“Degradations is an Atlanta based southern metal band driven by riffs and lyrics fueled by beer, whiskey, hate, and life. If you love sounds of slow doom that quickly change to fast intensity, Degradations is the band for you to check out. Songs to check out: Scarecrows & I Hate This Place”