Degeneration Fuzz / Press

“Some of you may remember my review of Degeneration Fuzz from back in May. These guys understand what the spirit of true grunge is all about and excel in making hard hitting music that really catches the listener. So when I heard they had a new EP I was understandable excited. I'm proud to announce that Come Licketh the Bowl is yet another slab of pure grunge brilliance from a band who truly understand what the Seattle scene was trying to accomplish way back in '91. With roaring vocals and vicious guitar lines these guys are true disciples of Bleach era Nirvana. They don't try to cover their sound in pop production or catchy hooks, instead they invoke the raw darkness that made grunge so good in the first place. Garage based and proud of it Degeneration Fuzz are simply fun to listen too because you know that the posers won't get it. A band for people who understand what grunge is about and want to embrace it in its brute state this groups new EP leaves me begging for a full length!”

“Degeneration Fuzz is a cool modern grunge band from Wigan. Their music is a heavy brand of the sound Nirvana pioneered with the same nasal and emotional vocals that gave Cobain so much success. Yet their is something more to be had here. While the exterior might scream 90s grunge there are some darker elements which suggest that at least one band member is a major Celtic Frost fan (A band which Cobain himself loved dearly). In other words, Degeneration Fuzz present a slightly darker brand of grunge with all of the same ferocious energy and the grit that originally made the genre so good. I love the shouted vocals on songs like Alcohol, they give a really great vibe to the music. Things become a lot more enjoyable once you realize how much fun these garage rockers are having. Degeneration Fuzz is simply a blast to listen too because they embody so much of what rock n' roll should be about. To finish, if you're looking for a grunge band who 'get it' then Degeneration Fuzz are worth it.”

“The large image of a foot crushing down on all and sundry on the front of Degeneration Fuzz's EP perfectly attempts to invoke the spirit of Seattle circa 1991 and its efect on the music scene. The three-piece, founded in November, has already taken the North West by storm with their combination of crushingly heavy-guitar riffs and catchy pop melodies. Adam says "i've always played music in a punk vein and Danny and Dean have been involved with that and also with experimental music and you can hear that in the sound." Listening to Degeneration Fuzz live you can hear the franticness of In Utero or bands like the Meat Puppets, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. Adam finished the interview with "we're not a trendy band and we don't want to be, we're just three guys who enjoy listening to records all day, we write pop songs with distortion and this what comes out."”

Andrew Nowell - The Wigan Reporter

“ust got your EP. Invent time travel and go back to Seattle circa '89. You'd end up being part of the 'deep six' album and probably end up signed by Sub Pop. This Demo/EP is phenomenal. An awesome blend of bleach era Nirvana and early Mudhoney but with the occasional twinge of Green River and Gruntruck.”

George & Dragon