Defleshment / Press

"Dirty, thrashy Death Metal to rival the best in the industry. Their music instigates only the rowdiest of mosh pits. Even those who don’t jump in the slam-dance have to headbang, and everyone raises their Devil-horns high. The music is contagious, and determined to bang its way into the heads of the audience. This is essentially old school rocker Metal tempered for modern taste. No-one escapes a Defleshment performance unscathed."

Cheryl Lynn - Undead Goathead

"With the opening track “Onslaught of Debauchery,” all I could think is “holy shit, these guys are heavy.” DEFLESHMENT slam hard, brutal death metal with some tremolo guitar work that adds an interesting twist to the genre."

"These dudes scorch the earth with some brutal death metal. Read all about them at my Santa Fe Metal Examiner site: http://www.examiner.com/article/take-five-an-interview-with-defleshment"