“Prepare for a heavy metal war, for this album is about to knock you down like a panzer tank running over a granny at 500mph! From start to finish of the EP, the aggression never ceases. It keeps powering forward, ploughing viciously and violently through each note, hammering into the listener’s ear drums with full force. It’s hard to find a band that opt for the all out brutal approach, but Def-Con-One pull it off perfectly, delivering a beautiful bombardment of heavy metal mayhem. From the ground pounding opening of ‘Warface’, to the infectious groove of ‘Weapons of War’, Def-Con-One, put all they have into every note of this EP, making it not only as heavy as a jumbo jet, but also catchy and memorable to. Def-Con-One have shown the world why they are the future of metal, and why they are not only here to play metal, but to start a war in your ear drums, and blow them to pieces too!”

“The Pantera-esque opening to 'Weapons of War' reveals a sincere appreciation for Dimebag's genre changing style. This song also wisely balances brutal verses with a catchy chorus. 'Warface', which opens with a cool evil laugh, is written using a similar blueprint to 'Weapons of War' and has a very effective groove around the 1.45 minute mark that is followed by a breakdown that Vinnie Paul would be proud of. Def Con One is a slick act. At times, I had to remind myself that they are an unsigned band. It's like seeing a Premier League team playing in the Conference: You know promotion is imminent. They have a recognisable image and symbol, a demo that is a good example of what they can offer and a truly amazing song in 'Feeling So Cold'. I expect to hear from Def Con One in future. ”

“(Live Review From MERRY METAL CHRISTMAS (THE KINGS FEAST), MANSFIELD, 17/12/11.) Next up Def Con One who are firing on all cylinders, pulverising all before them. Heavy Metal as a tag doesn’t begin to describe this band, and in vocalist Davey Meikle have one the best frontmen you could wish for. Musically I guess you could draw comparisons with vintage Pantera, but to be frank Def Con’s material stands tall on it’s own merits, really well written and crafted as well as being delivered with the force of a sledgehammer. ”

“DEF-CON-ONE is a hard-hitting, hair-windmilling, neck-breaking, spine-cracking quartet out of the Geordie area of the UK.. The fact that they’re dressed in military garb and have ‘Def Con’ in their name is no surprise.. because they’re out to make you mosh until BLOOD SOAKS THE FLOOR! I popped it in my PC and from the first ‘DUNNNNNN.. DUN DUN DUN’ of the initial track aptly named “Blood”, my head sprang up to stare at the monitor.. The aggression & energy had me mesmerized.. I proceeded to try to continue my housework but it just wasn’t going to happen.. I sat on the couch and just looked into oblivion.. Sliding into “Warface” I already knew every tempo change right up to the ‘MOTHERF*CKER’ at the end.. Just when you think you’ve got the beat down, it changes tempo and throws you off course. This is definitely the band to watch out for.. ”

“I recently was contacted by a band known as DEF-CON-ONE. Hailing from the North-East of England (Also known as the most badass part of the country). Those that take the time to check out the band, will find one of THE bands you need to watch out for in 2011. Although DEF-CON-ONE took me away from my porn browsing habits, I can forgive them, as instead of having a self-induced orgasm, I was offered a full-on Metal eargasm. It was definitely worth the time. Hell, as soon as I heard that Antton of Venom was involved, I just had to check these guys out. For those of you out there that haven't heard the band before, they play a very groove oriented form of Thrash Metal (well, at least that's my opinion). They actually remind me very much of an old-school Burn My Eyes era Machine Head, but with a heavy Pantera influence. Unlike many unsigned bands though, DEF-CON-ONE don't rely too heavily on their influences and have developed their own sound incredibly well. ”

“Newcastle based four piece DEF CON ONE are one of the North East's best kept metal secrets. Track numero uno 'BLOOD' is a bone crunching anthem of (dare i say it?) headbanging proportions. Vocalist Davey powers the song into life reminding me of John Tardy of OBITUARY (only better) and then croons into a Layne Staley (ALICE IN CHAINS)esq bridge. Davey's vocals are partnered by Johnny's monster crushing riff that segues into a Dimebag Darrell like guitar fill. Great stuff. Next song 'CAVING IN' reminded me of Rob Halford's ex band FIGHT. Johnny yet again blends crunching riffs with tight grooves which are kept real tight alongside Steve's solid bass line and excellent drumming from Antton(ex VENOM). For those of us that do like metal, you will love DEF CON ONE. They have the talent and vision that many others lack and the brute force to make you want to start a one man mosh pit in your own living room. ”

“DEF CON ONE's drummer Antton was last seen providing the backbeat for VENOM. However the comparisons that spring to mind here are more PANTERA than anything to do with the kings of evil. The tracks on offer here are all based on thick grooving riffs and a bundle of aggression and attitude.”

Chris Kee - Powerplay magazine

“Every band member at one point or another entertains the idea of forming a band that differs from the style of music they are most known for playing. My point is quickly proven when you compare Venom to Def-Con-One. They sound nothing alike. That doesn’t mean that DC1 is inferior in any way whatsoever. Antony “Antton” Lant, the [former] drummer for Venom steps out of the satanic shadow of Venom to deliver a real tasty offering of raw, stripped down, no-nonsense, fist-fighting metal. Have you ever gotten a paper cut on your finger and then stuck it in hotsauce? Imagine that but with your throat cut after getting your balls kicked in by a group of skinhead Nazis on a hot dry day with a rock in your shoe and a bad case of constipation. Yeah, kinda like that...but with great music. Def-Con-One is some real good fightin’ music for all to enjoy. ”

Vince DiMaggio - Metal Storm Magazine