DEF B / Press

"Sorry people, brain been spinnin ever since the fall-out/ too many people to call out/ i write rhymes and then i ball out/ Nah/ that's what they want you to believe/ not one to deceive/ never could conjure the joker or play poker/ no cards up my sleeve/ i trust people the first time that i meet them/ now, if they try to do me wrong then it's my job to defeat 'em/ never repeat 'em/ exceed 'em and let the industry eat 'em and then/ bleed 'em till they're beggin' for freedom/ blinded/ can't see 'em"

"we left the lane open these past years/ now we pass beers/ let me make this track clear and fondle these pussies like pap smear"- Def B!, Better Def-Knot

"you better step back jack/ no time for yip yap/ this shits packed and i flipped that so lets slit that where they wrist at" - Def B!, Neva Done

"remain humble and local/ never stumble a vocal/ hydroplane over potholes and slay these mumbling yokels"

Def B! - Public Enemy

“motivational mind fuck/ sensational/ time stuck/ in a bottle/ full throttle/ make you wobble till mines up/ im what/ they call a vetriano / no italiano/ black as the universe/ play my words like a piano -Def B, Monster”

“i give mic's new life/ bite like cobra strikes / and i aint tryna hear dick like two sober dykes ...... pressure drops!!”

def b - pressure drops

“kick a dog long enough he's bound to bite back / i aint making no threats / just stating a fact”