Deering and Down / Press

"She's got a voice like Loretta Lynn swallowed Rod Stewart. He plays guitar like nobody you've ever heard." -- Memphis Flyer

Memphis Flyer

“According to Washington Post music critic Geoffrey Himes, Out There Somewhere "captures Deering and Down's exhilarating live show without sacrificing the one-on-one chemistry at the heart of their soul."”

Geoffrey Himes - Washington Post

“The Best One-Two Punch in the City”

"Original songs are catchy, sensual and unorthodox."

"The duo of Deering & Down are a little harder to pin down, their roles as hard to define as their bluesy, at-times gothic music."

"Evoke a hybrid Sun Records sounds."

"Some of the best song writing I've heard this year."

"Classic-rock numbers that shuffle like the Stones instead of stomping around like a mundane bar band."