Deep Deep West / Press

“Another surprisingly submission is that of Fayah, an emcee from the tropical region of Hawaii. I know the first thing you think of in Hawaii are plenty of fly Vahine’s, delicious grinds and beautiful beaches, but seriously, how many of you (our readers), ever payed much attention to the musical side of things. Of course, I am talking outside the very familiar acoustic-hawaiian rhythm’s??? Anybody?? Maybe a YouTube view here and there? Probably a few of you, but like I recently posted, Muai Cyphers Sesh Video, I too have been a bit put off by the music coming from fellow islanders. Because I always seem to assume they are playing their Ukelele by the camp fire on the beach, feeling irie. NOT NO MORE! Fayah and his, Deep West Crew, are the ocean breeze that ALL islanders experience on a hot day on the beach. They are much needed and appreciated! I like to showcase one of my favorite tracks, titled “On Fayah.” ”