Deep Blue Organ Trio / Press

“With his superb showing on the Deep Blue Organ Trio’s debut, Foreman stands to advance to the front ranks of the elite B3 burners on today’s scene.”

“If you dig the organ trio genre and the warm archtop tones of early George Benson, Pat Martino, Kenny Burrell and Grant Green, you'll flip over 'Deep Blue Bruise'. ...Broom plays with a crisp, articulated attack and wraps his spiraling lines in timbres that glow like burnished copper. ...Not a lick player, Broom spins phrases that twist and turn across dozens of bars. He doesn't hesitate, he doesn't fumble - he just goes.”

Andy Ellis - GuitarPlayer

“There’s a loose quote from an unknown source that states that “soul can’t be taught or learned, you either have it or you don’t.” This most definitely seems to be the case with the Deep Blue Organ Trio. They simply have it. ”

“I haven’t heard such feeling-good organ-guitar jazz since the combo-platter heyday of Jimmy Smith and Kenny Burrell.”

“Deep Blue's secret weapon is Rockingham, who in the majority of cases is as diffident as a drummer in these circumstances can be—his beat is sensed not heard.”

“Blues is the preacher, jazz is the teacher.”