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“''More Mixx Cummin Ur Way''”

Neps SeLecta - Neps

“Well 4 those of yah who qite dont know me, I'm Nepote Rokodrega a.k.a. DeeJay Neps and i'm 18 yrs old i'm simple n down 2 earth. Born and bred in suva But originally 4rom Rewa "Na Qai Qo Na Qai Ga"! Definately a party Peson and hanging out with my friends. I'm a freak but a normal one @ dat ... Lolz. Neway Muzic is the food of LOVE ol[+_+]lo”

ZioN DeeJay - DeeJay Neps

“New West Side Dj's album about to drop...Vol 1Ft. DeeJay Like DeeJay Zion,Tonez,King Danford,DarXide,Maddawg,Lenex,Lex,Vons,X con We Keep Fiji Rocking!!! {(-_-)} "E Nice Gare" Enjoy Your Bula Guyz...”

Fiji Times - KNOX