Dee Dray / Press

"Dee Dray’s stage performance was superior to say the least at first whim. His presence was classic with an old–school vibe. " "We were already forewarned about this man’s expressive gift early on, but to witness him in person was an indisputable verification that he is Charlottes “Best Kept Secret.” - Tawanda Blake; Urban Tymes

“I’m feeling this track. You can catch Mr. Dee Dray on twitter @WhoooKares Will be opening for @NipseyHussle on Dec 29 Charlotte NC Tremont Music hall.”


“Saturday 29 December 2012 Nipsey Hussle and Royal-Tee Venue Tremont Music Hall 400 West Tremont Avenue 28203 Charlotte, NC, US Venue info and map Line-up Nipsey Hussle Royal-Tee Dee Dray Lotta Drumma SC”

“Increasing in popularity is the Charlotte hip hop scene. Charlotte has risen to the forefront of the media, as the 2012 Democratic National Convention is being held there. North Carolina is one of the fastest-growing states in the United States. With Charlotte being the largest city in the state, many opportunities have opened for the city.”

“Over the past few days, Hip Hop Vibe has given the hip hop world a glimpse into the talent that fills the Carolinas. The states of North and South Carolina are home to many of the most-beautiful cities and top tour destinations. While the states are known for their tourist attractions, with everything from the beach to the mountains, their hip hop scene has gone overlooked.”

“In Charlotte, there are a number of artists on the come up. Dee Dray finds himself in the midst of these artists. Originally from Buffalo, New York, Dee Dray has also claimed Charlotte. It will be a few more days, but the popular emcee will release his new mixtape, Psalms of a Sinner, on December 22. Until then, he holds fans over with “Wear it Out.””

“There is a lot of talent in the Carolinas. Among the more popular names is Dee Dray, who is currently working on his new street release, Psalms of a Sinner. With the new project in the works, he decided to collaborate with Drumma SC, who is just South of the North and South Carolina border. The two have come together for the new single, “Like Us.””

“Dee Dray came by the Power 98 studios to talk about his new music and song “Famous” as well as how his career is evolving and reaching beyond the borders of North and South Carolina!”