Dee.aLe / Press

“Dee Ale which might not sound familiar on its own but happens to be what the letter D from the group known as D.M.S. stands for. Ringing bells now for sure as the group dropped a town classic with their first release “Takin Ends” which is full of memorable tracks that many still reminisce on today. Not to take away from any member because it was the chemistry between the three that made D.M.S. but Dee was always a standout. Throughout two albums its definitely one of the reasons people ask questions like what happened? It’s a long time later but its dope to see Dee Ale putting a new project out even if it is a mixtape. DJ Peg and Dee have you back in the nineties with “Back 2 Basics” which is new lyrics over classic tracks but it does not sound like a fast forward. Instead Dee time machines you over seventeen tracks that play out like auto-biography. ”

“ Local rapper Dee aLe, a still-swinging member of Seattle's old rap guard with the group DMS, presents "Back 2 Basics" with DJ Peg. Their mixtape blends golden-era hip-hop beats by groups like A Tribe Called Quest with new lyrics. Dee aLe sounds gruff and nimble. Peg's selections 100% classic. The tape is comfort food but not boring. Download it for free at the link above”