Dedlok / Press

“When heavyweights Dedlok blasted onstage, the menacing riffs came hard and fast, creating a brutality worthy of thrash kings Slayer. The star of their live act had to be vocalist Joe Samuels – truly the man has lungs of steel – he growled his way through the set, pausing only to headbang like his life depended on it.”

“Dedlok are the second of tonight's returning heroes, back with a new line-up but undiminished in their mission to keep it raw and seriously heavy. Of all tonight's bands they look most likey to be found pillaging vilages from their long boats and worshing Odin, but their sound is the most nuanced of the night, classic old-school Brit-metal riffs and an aggression that owes as much to hardcore punk. From a moody intro, they quickly gather speed and mass and by the time they're at their peak they sound like a monstrous mash-up of Slayer and Boltthrower. And simply being able to type the name Boltthrower makes us very happy indeed.”

Dale Kattack - Nightshift

“DEDLOK Screaming thrash riffage, double kick drum salvos and guttural growling. Dedlok's uncluttered vision and proud single-mindednes have long since markd them at the head of the local pack, taking Iron Maiden's classic metal through Pantera's thrash and onwards into Discharge's hardcore punk, replete with a convincing line in hardcore swearing.”


“DEDLOK The name screams METAL! And so it does indeed come to pass. Dedlok’s is a bruising, mid-tempo breed of prog-tinged metal-core and old-fashioned thrash, harking back to Slayer and Pantera, all bulldozing, shredded riffs and chest-beating raging and bellowing..................”

Nightshift - April 2008 - Nightshift Review