DedBuny / Press

“Our team has reviewed your work and we'd love to feature and promote you in our April issue. Your style will fit perfectly into our publication and we love to represent and work on behalf of legitimate talent. "American" is a great track.”

“DedBuny will have the song "Just One More Day" played on the Beyond The Dawn Radio Show http://alienfingerz.ning.com/page/beyond-the-dawn May 16th 7pm EST...db”

T Dawn - Beyond The Dawn Radio Show

“LIVE SHOW in Kabul, Afghanistan on May 12th. Another gig from almost nowhere for all of those that just can't get back home!!”

Kabul News

“Great songs from the heart!”

“Sweet ass tunes, I had to play your songs twice! ”

Hideous Red

“You have a compelling sense of awareness in your lyrics. The wandering and wondering that you express are feelings that a lot of people can relate to under a wide range of circumstances.”


“I think the emotion and passion that comes through are some of the strong points in your music, which is great because a lot of music is sorely lacking that quality.”


“Very emotional songs, moods and performance! very inspiring also... cheers from utopia cafe!”

Utopia Cafe

“I am impressed. Often good lyrics are overpowered by strong guitar. Not in your case. You know how to compliment and contrast your vocals and guitar. Know God is working through you. you have to go through the pain to get through the pain. ”