““Polarity displays Decrepit Birth's growth and unlimited potential.””

““(4.5/5) I can say with full confidence that Polarity is Decrepit Birth‘s magnum opus.””

““Polarity improves on Decrepit Birth’s sound and takes it a step further... There hasn’t been a death metal band like this since Chuck Schuldiner’s Death.””

““'Polarity' comprehensively blows out of the water any and every other album released this year. This is the album of the year so far. A masterpiece in the truest sense of the word, very highly recommended.””

““If you are a fan of Technical/Progressive Death Metal and the band Death, you will be in nirvana after listening to this amazing release.””

““This soon-to-be-classic album could be technical death metal's blueprint, pinnacle, and swansong.””