Deconbrio / Press

“It's an album that by day makes snide comments at those that have fetishes or work in the sex industry, but by night goes round and begs to be punished.”

“Deconbrio has filled that deep dark void that has been lingering in my soul with the demise of such great industrial bands like Gravity Kills and Nine Inch Nails. Danny and company have taken up that lost torch and have started a new flame of industrial revolution. There is no shame in having crunchy guitars and hard driving synths and having great songs to dance to or contemplate the universe to. Danny has stated that "Deconbrio is determined to be heard." I'd like to take that a step further, Deconbrio needs to be heard. Keep up the great work!”

Duffy Laudick - Razorblade Dance Floor

“Deconbrio are here to rock the masses with a crushing fusion of industrial and alternative rock. Danny Rendo brings you an electronica sound with a heavy Nine Inch Nails influence while managing to stay original to his own style. Give them a listen, they are definitely worth checking out!”

“Deconbrio is a rhythm/beat oriented band. The vocals of Danny Rendo put me in mind of Christopher Hall from Stabbing Westward. The music is clearly a mix of electronica and grunge....it sucks you right in and you just can't stop listening. ”

“Deconbrio's latest release combines the sensibilities akin to early Gravity Kills and Nine Inch Nails with the composition nuances of Front Line Assembly. In sort, the album is excellent and well worth your time.”

Dan Loayza - Voyeur review

“[I] found an ad for this on the celldweller website and i gotta say, im glad i saw it. its a cool mix of electronic and rock and i highly reccomend it to fans of celldweller or nine inch nails. my only problem is that some of the songs sound a little too much like nine inch nails but that shouldnt keep you from buying it if you arent a fan of them.”

electrotiger92 - iTunes review of The Vanishing

“If Trent Reznor had a twin bro, this would be him. The overall sound is very similar, along with the programming, and even the agression. Lyrically, it is very driven like Nails as well, even sounds a little like Trent... Some will say it is way too much like NIN, others like me think it is a great compliment. Deconbrio covers all bases to loud, synth driven rock to softer, and darker tracks. Any Nails fan that doesn't think Deconbrio is desecrating Trent's style will love this for everything NIN brought to the industrial rock music scene.”

omernd02 - iTunes review of The Vanishing

“This is a great EP; and I can't help but notice it's Broken-esque, Reznor/NIN vibe. While there are other albums/artists it can be compared to... Broken seems the most fitting; and that's a hell of a compliment. In my opinion, the songs are more aggressive & all-around improved, than those on Danny's (free / 1st) album "Obsessions of a False Idol" -- which I also liked for the most part (plus, it's free, and w/o sponsor-intros). Without doubt, Deconbrio's "The Vanishing" is a must have, for any fan of Industrial / Electro-Rock, etc... and someone definitely worth keeping an eye on! (and hopefully there will be another EP or LP soon... because I can't wait to hear what's next!)”

Fallen Angel - FiXT Review of "The Vanishing"

“The blend of styles is never out of place here as Deconbrio has apparently mastered the ancient art of actually caring about the music they produce, lovingly coaxing out the dark tunes with sweets and shiny razors.”