decker. / Press

“His effortless, soulful croon boasts a magnetic appeal. The accompanying instrumentation wraps around you like gentle winds. Decker’s folk melodies are interpreted through a hazy psychedelic filter that produces warm, personal songs. ”

“decker. has proven to be a pleasant surprise…there’s enough grit, creeping unease, and lyrical darkness on the record to appeal to fans of Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen as much as fans of The Swell Season or Damien Rice.”

“…once again brilliant soul-searching music that explores the conflicts of his own mind and heart in a tight Americana format that defies genre pigeonholing.”

“Songwriter of the Year..............he writes the kind of bluesy acoustic tunes that bear the comforting feeling of songs you've known forever.”

“...proves beyond any doubt that decker enjoys being on the road sharing their music with people; they pour every ounce of themselves into each performance, whether they are on brightly lit stage or a little piece of sidewalk in Santa Cruz.”

“Decker crafts dramatic, emotionally enveloping songs rendered all the more raw and powerful because they are acoustic-based.”

“...his music; which is as romantic, dramatic, intense, primitive and harrowing as a birth in a kitchen in Arizona…”

“He’s tattooed, mustached, and sincere.”

“the lasting impression of this CD is some of the most soul-baring songwriting you will ever hear”

“...a gritty acoustic retelling of life, relationships, and redemption”