December Rose / Press

"You Lite a Fire in my heart !!! Pure inspiration and pure talent...love your voice ...sometimes it takes a couple of sweeps to make the diamond shine but this was a sneak peak of a superstar....your voice is powerful and entertaining ...your number 1 fan ...Sonny"

Sonny Santino (a fan) - Facebook

“The Track You Did Understand is incredible,keep up the good work dont give up...patience is the keyy to many things ....looks like you do it cuz you love it not for the money and thats what counts...consider me a fan !”

Sonny Santino (a fan) - Facebook

““Rose-Marie is a talented musician with soft vocals that please the ears of a variety of listeners. Her honest lyrics and pure personality shines through her music, reaching out to a wide range of audiences.” ”

Michelle - Drive Music

"Refreshing. That’s the first word that comes to mind when describing new comer Rose-Marie La Posta. Her style will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and oh so good! Her voice is filled with wisdom beyond her years. Her debut single ‘Understand’ is generating buzz online. With Rose-Marie’s soothing retro-soul style, it’s no surprise she’s being compared to incredible artists like Adele, Duffy, and Amy Winehouse. "

"There is no faking raw, natural talent like the kind we’ve discovered with 17 year old Canadian singer, Rose-Marie. Her unique vocal sound reminds of the incredible Adele. With her soothing, emotion-filled voice, Rose-Marie’s debut single ‘Understand’ captivates listeners young and old."

"Newcomer Rose-Marie has a unique voice that is filled with style and class. Her debut single ‘Understand’ is sure to become a staple on your everyday playlist."