December Luna Music / Press

“She is a talented musician, and I’m enjoying the hell out of her demo CD. My favorite song so far is Tunisia Cliffside, described in her pamphlet as a “modern, electronic string quartet piece.” I’ll say this: I love it. It’s something I can see myself playing over and over as I write. My next favorite is Shostakovich Viola Sonata. It has a hypnotic rhythm over which strings and keys journey in unexpected ways. This is more writing music for me, I can tell you.”

“Rose is a delightful musician to see perform live. She floats across genres so easily you won't even notice the breaks between them. She is also just a genuinely nice person. And, unlike many musicians, she will converse with you, beyond the perfunctory handshake and a greeting. If you want to talk to her about her music some she will spend some time with you on that. Rose is a professional musician in all respects, and is well worth getting to know.”

Don Martin - BSceneLive Tucson AZ

“To put the music of Ms. Price into lay man terms, it is simply incredible in many aspects: mostly that of being unique, technical, but catchy enough that even non-musicians would get hooked. Trance-like melodies, intertwining with Baroque essence makes listening an enjoyable experience in the truest sense. Her heart and passion of composing speaks to you through every note your ear takes in. Give this artist, this true artist, the time of day to sample her work: you will NOT be disappointed. ”

Houston Huff - Personal review

“If you see her play viola solo you will notice she switches genres often. She will perform a few classical songs, then some tunes from Broadway, and then Celtic fiddling tunes. She says she does this because as a musician she doesn't like to get stuck in only one mode. I saw her perform just before Christmas, and she mixed holiday music, classical, and popular tunes together flawlessly. It takes a very talented musician to jump across genres so seamlessly.”

Don Martin - BSceneLive Tucson AZ