Debra Whyte ♥ / Press

“I got to listen to You Can Cope, More Than Just a Kiss, In a Moment Like This. I enjoyed listening to them. They took me back to when music had something to say.”

Jan Cooper, President - Cooper Studios

“Hi Debra, I've just had a listen to your song - If Only. The lyrics are great, and it's sung with so much feeling. You have a lovely clear singing voice that is well backed with the acoustic guitar.”

Paul Brewster - Author

“Dear Debra, As for the how come I would like to work with you... I believe in you. With that wonderful voice you have and how you bravely take the disappointments and pain of life and turn it into fuel in your songwriting - Creating so much depth, maturity and beauty that it makes my emotions fill my heart. You are a survivor who is deserving of the support of your fans and friends to help you make this record. Because of all these things I would be sincerely grateful to be a part of it. ~”

Kevin Williams - Co-founder/Partner of Nimbus Studio

“I'm no singer, and because I'm not, I love to listen to those who can sing. I have always believed that to be able to sing is a wonderful gift received. Living in Australia, as you know, I can't attend your performance, but knowing that you will be performing soon, my thoughts are with you now, and will be on the day you perform also. Exciting stuff isn't it, being able to give a concert for people? It's like a dream that has come true - the magic wish we all make and desire. You have been blessed with a voice that brings pleasure to the people. Such people get a nod from me :) Cheers, Paul”

Paul Brewster - Author

“Re: You can Cope ~ Thanks for sending it our way. It’s a beautiful and heartfelt song. You’ve done a nice job with it and have a lovely voice. Hat’s off for making some wonderful music happen. Very inspirational.”

Patrick Zulinof - The ShoreFM

“Voice of an Angel and really good tunes!”

Ernesto Avila Carreno - Singer/Songwriter

“Dear Debra Whyte, Your song,"You Can Cope" has advanced to the Fame Games Q-Show 212,for Monday 2/9/2009.Congratulations! Making it to on-air showcases is a big deal,Suddenly, you and your song is being heard by a truly massive international audience! Warm regards The MMI / Fame Games Crew”

The MMI / Fame Games Crew

“Award Summary for Debra Whyte within Effigy Categories:Song Finalist."You Can Cope"Best Song in Style-Folk:We wish you continued successes in everything you undertake and we´re looking forward to seeing much more of you on Fame Games! ”

“Debra Whyte is selected as "Artist Of The Week" By VGIR Promotions Jan 19 09”

“You have a beautiful voice and write really good songs.”

John Pippus - Local Singer/Songwriter

“Debra Whyte to host new Saturday Night Line Up”

Manisha Krishman - North Shore News

“Debra's Demo Cd "Exposed" was featured on www.TheBeat.fm in 2007 as a new EP Release. All 4 songs have made the top 40 list of over 250 artists/1000's of songs and Debra was consistently ranked as the Top Acoustic Artist. The response to her songs has been truly amazing!!”