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Debra Hope Miller / Press

"You have a great talent and it shows in your music. Amazing class!"

Albert Bevia, RN Artist/Fan

"Cat Walk Boogie, absolutely awesome playing, Debra! You rock!"

Pete Cash, RN Artist and Fan

"Some feelgood tunes here. good vocals too. A few of my favorites: Spanish Interlude, Conversations from Within, Sea Of Clouds, I Got The Blues and Parking Meter Blues".

Extreme Dream, RN Artist and Fan

"LOVED your Sea of Clouds and Spanish Interlude in G"

C. Lynne Smith, RN Artist and Fan

"Enjoying your River of Tears ~ Great Add ... What great Vibrations"

Songs of Debara, RN Artist and Fan

“PIANO CONCERTO is amazing. Thanks for sharing your wonderful skill and talent with us.”

KC Daleigh, RN Artist and Fan

“Beautiful music.”

Katie Belle Akin, RN Artist and Fan

“This is a great fusion of classical and blues styles...fun to listen to... Your music is great!”

John Starley Allen, RN Artist and Fan

“My goodness! you are such an impressive composer.”

David P. Reinen, RN Artist and Fan

“Man, this style is killer. Takes me back. You rock, Debra !”

The Ted Vaughn Blues, RN Artist and Fan

“There's a real power to your playing and a nice timing & feel about the vocals...really enjoyed your music..thanks”

Carter Country, RN Artist and fan

“A whole lot of songwriting talent and of course, there's the pianistic ability... A lot of character in the voice as well. Enjoying it! Jules”

Julian Wilson, RN Artist/Fan

“Your instrumentation and vocals are awesome!”

Jason Damico, RN and Award Winning Artist, Fan

“Debra....WOW....I thought friends were forever is amazing!!! you ROCK! your fan Sonia!!! keep on playing GAL!!!”

Sonia Isabelle, RN Artist/Singer

“Debra: You have some real cool music. I love them all!! Feeling the Bipolar Blues Cool song catchy tune, I like it, it is so original. Sea Of Clouds: This is a great composition. Love the strings, and your piano performance is outstanding. I like the lyrics, and your delivery is really cool. I Thought Friends Were Forever Cool Americana sound, great story. This would be great in a full production. Piano Concerto Quite brilliant. Very beautiful and a nice surprise to my ears. Loved it. Cat Walk Boogie Wow I loved this, Another great Americana piece.”

Tony Watson, Producer, Songwriter, RN Artist/Fan

“You have a very special vocal expression, when you sing Debra. It matches the music style perfectly. Lovely tunes and great piano playing. Your song "What is freedom" is a wonderful little tune with a great message.”

Jan Schnell, RN Artist

" I Got The Blues " great track......Charles.

The Fabulous Del Counts, RN Artist

“Ohhhhhwww what a beautiful I Got the Blues....RIGHT ON GAL!!! Fantastic playing/singing!!! U ROCK!!”

Sonia Isabelle, RN Artist

“Really enjoying "I Got The Blues"... , the sound of "real" piano keys and your utterly unique vocals (for this era) make it for me. Top flight work all around, my friend.”

Will Dockery, RN Artist

“Listening to "Sea of Clouds" right now and I have to say it's beautiful!”

Birdie Jones, RN Artist

“Cat Walk Boogie is awesome :)”

Nancy Ann-Michaud, RN Artist

" I Thought Friends Were Forever", beautiful work.

Will Dockery, RN artist

“Meaning of Life-nice”

Amanda Cooksey, RN Artist/Fan

"Sea of Clouds" stunning classical piano with lovely vocals to compliment.

Chuck Brunicardi, RN artist

“If you wanna hear some hot piano playing, incredible boogie woogie, then this is the place. Little Debra is one KILLER piano player and composer. Nothing but PROPS for her talent...”

RN artist Lou Gann

"Conversations from Within/Inner Dimensions" brilliant piano Debra!

Ecologyngle, RN Artist/Fan

“Excellent styles. magnifique musique.Great Artist Débra.”

ANIMA 81 RN Artist/Fan

“Magic....pure magic that comes from your fingers to the souls of the listeners. EXCELLENT work and beautiful music. ”

JP Yonelunas, RN Artist/Fan

“You should be writing film scores for Disney movies. Your "Piano Concerto" is a superb piece of composition!!”


“Conversations From Within Is Amazing !!! Love it !! What is Freedom to Me is good as well you have a very old school voice nice smooth jazzy feel to it I'm diggin it ,,,,”

E.T, RN Artist/Fan

“Conversations from Within/Inner Dimensions is a very interesting composition...it advances like a wind on the open sea...dancing on the horizon with multiple colors...excellent work!!!”

Jean Vivace, RN Artist/Fan

“'Piano Concerto' was executed so beautifully. 'Conversations' has such a beautiful arrangement and progression...very touching & soothing. 'What is freedom to Me' projects the old school feel in such a fresh, catchy way & the vocals: just perfect! 'Spanish Interlude' keeps you on the edge of your seat! 'Cat Walk Boogie' is such a sweet and catchy teaser song that makes just you just want to get up and boogie! :-) :-)”


“WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally Glorious. Thank you for sharing your music with the world. I love it. You BLEW ME AWAY! PURE GENIUS! Modern with a touch of nostalgia. Love it!”

Carmen Amoros, RN Artist/Fan

“Absolutely beautiful instrumental music, really outstanding performances Debra, keep up the truly wonderful work, you are a very gifted & talented composer. Your music comes from the heart & touches the soul of the listener. Wow! such stunning arrangements, thanks for sharing your awesome music. God Bless you! My very best wishes to you from England, Rob.”

Robert Steven Hunt, RN Artist/Fan

“I dig boogie...I'm happy you share your gift of composing and performance...love your music Debra...”

Ray of Strangewind, RN Artist/Fan

"Conversations Within..." is such an evocative piece of music, wonderfully performed. Inspiring and beautiful. Frank Smith

Sills & Smith, RN Artist/Fan

“How cool that you love playing boogie-woogie piano. Nice job!”

The Paula Franceschi Band, RN Artist/Fan

“I am in love with your music. It touches me so deeply and I feel is a gate to an inner universe full of tranquility, peace and emotions floating all around me. Thanks so much for sharing this amazing musical masterpieces here on RN. Best to you.”

Cesar Coronel, RN Artist/Fan

"Conversations" is my favorite. I'm a fan of your work of art, wish you great success with your music, cheers!

Antonio Vidarte, RN Artist/Fan

“Been an absolute pleasure listening to your song Cat Walk Boogie. Being here surrounded by your fine arts has been well worth the visit and time. You and your music connects with many beautiful People.”

Brio'con, RN Artist/Fan

“Absolutely beautiful instrumental music, really outstanding performances Debra, keep up the truly wonderful work, you are a very gifted & talented composer. Your music comes from the heart & touches the soul of the listener. Wow! such stunning arrangements, thanks for sharing your awesome music. God Bless you! My very best wishes to you from England, Rob.”

Robert Steven Hunt, RN Artist/Fan

“Beautiful playing and compositions Debra. ‘What Is Freedom’ was a surprise. W&W”

Wild&Welsh, RN Artist/Fan

“What a wonderful pianist you are, Debra!!! Love your musicianship! Best wishes from Argentina :)”

Alan Bay, RN Artist/Fan

“Thanx Debra...Conversations is lovely. Love the mood shift/ half step each passage. Nice worx. Best ~ RGxr”

Ray Gervato, RN Artist/Fan

“Greetings Debra Hope! "Conversations from Within" is a Superb body of Musical Works!! 2 Thumbs Up! GOD Bless.”

Don Slimz, RN Artist/Fan

“Standing ovation! You perform with incredible skill and emotion. "Spanish Interlude" is fantastico.”

Juliann Andreen, RN Artist/Fan

“Steady rollin' on that Cat Walk Boogie, Debra. Talk about it sister. I listened to it like six times just now!”

Alicia, RN Blues Artist/Fan

“Debra, you are magnificent !!! Awesome composing and brilliant playing !! Very much enjoyed the listen ((*_*))”

Hillbilly Dix, RN Artist/Fan

“Gorgeous instrumentals! Love "Conversations from Within/Inner Dimensions!"”

April Story, RN Artist/Fan

"Spanish Interlude in G" is fantastic! All the best :-)

Binary DNA, RN Artist/Fan

“Great classical music Debra! Very professional. Hollywood!”

Trademark Musik, RN Artist/fan

“Beautiful music!”

Gregory Grant, RN artist/fan

“Beautiful piano play..!!”

Patricia Moncayo, RN Artist/Fan

“Loving Cat Walk Boogie!”

Amber Music Express

“Great music here!! I love the increasing tempo on "Spanish Interlude" You're very talented!!”

greeneye656, RN artist/fan

“Wonderful music! I especially like the Piano Concerto!”

Tyler Katz, RN Composer/Orchestrator/MYA 1st Place Winner

“I enjoy listening to your excellent music.”

Glenn Dodd, RN Artist/Fan

“Musicians as good as you are one in a thousand and then some.”

Cos Grassano, RN Artist/Fan

“Such beautiful, ethereal music... I'm enjoying your songs so much !”

Bruce Graml, RN Artist/Fan

“Debra, you play like you were born on the piano. I love 'what is freedom to me' a lot. You have a great voice!”

Renée Stevense, RN artist/fan

“Wonderful songs, beautiful vocals and excellent musicianship. I Love It.”

Cosmo Grassano, RN artist/fan

“Love your piano playing.”

Vic Joyner, RN Country Artist/Fan

“Conversations from Within/Inner Dimensions. I like it!”

Tyler Katz, Composer, orchestrator, violinist, RN fan

“Cat Walk Boogie is just so very fine.”

Doug Dickens, RN artist/ fan

“AWESOME! Makes me want to go home and practice my piano...and composition!”

Joesf Glaude, RN fan

“Debra you sure know how to Boogie Woogie enjoyed all your tracks you are very talented.”

The Fores, RN fan

“Wow! Debra, FANTASTIC stuff going on here!! Loving what you do You ROCK!!!:) T F X”

The Fores, RN fan

“Awesome sound!”

So to Speak, RN artist

“There is so much talent here, great arrangements, variety and melodies. Wonderful work! Piano concerto in Eb major is my favourite, very uplifting!”

Marie-Anne Fischer, Composer/Film Music

“What is Freedom to Me... What a fabulous tune filled with amazing vocal greatness. You shine with awesomeness. Cheers.”

Ashton Haze, RN

“What a find . You're the coooool cat Debra. I've always loved your style of piano playin'.”

Jim Colombini, RN

“Most engaging, passionate & professional work !”

Markke, RN

“Great vocals and superb music!”

Anchorage Alaska, RN


Dee Solo Artist, RN

“Great skills at work here..love the Randy Newman-like froth and joy of the"freedom" boogie-woogie, and love the build and tension for "Spanish Interlude"..excellent playing skills and a wonderful musical imagination!!”

MikeWhitePresents, RN

"I really like the Cat Walk Boogie and Blues CD. I'm so glad I got a copy of it!!"

Bob King

“CD BABY STAFF PICKS "We listen to a lot of music. Here are our favorites!" (Cat Walk Boogie and Blues listed as one of favorites in March 2013!)”

"Oh yeah, boogie on! Great piano work, great style. Diggin' it!"

RN fan, Damn Hippies

"This has some class!"

Wings of Apollo, RN

"Sounds Great! I really like it! I have a lot of old records of Boogie Piano Too!"

Tom Russ, RN

"Great Stuff! Voice is great, really distinctive & accurate. Piano's right there."

Harpman, RN

"What is Freedom to Me" review: “I like the vintage appeal of this jazz blues hybrid sound.The singer injects a classic tone, almost like a post war vibe into the music with her grainy piercing tone. An explosive brass ensemble creates a good edge as well as the almost honky tonk blues piano style. Its certainly a unique sound here and full of tight rhythms.”

Crowd Review

“What is Freedom to Me Review: "What a great intro the vocals go so perfectly with the powerful instrumentals. The lyrics tie everything together. The composition is perfected. The slow downs before the chorus add such variety. Great job!””

Crowd Review

“I especially liked the Spanish Interlude.”

Orchestra Conductor

“I was blown away by your Piano Concerto... it is so emotional... screams with fight and struggle... courageous and bold... unrelentingly insistent on victory!... That piece is bound for fame!!!”

Bob Favreau

“You don't hear much straight boogie-woogie these days and it's refreshing.”

John A. Blues singer, harmonica and saxophone

““It's absolutely awesome! I just fell in love with your Cat Walk Boogie and Blues CD. This is a CD that I will listen to for years to come. I can't wait to purchase your next one!" Larry, Jazz flutist, Albuquerque NM”

Larry, Jazz Flutist, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Cat Walk Boogie and Blues review: Little Debra covers a range of ballads, blues and boogie territory on her Cat Walk Boogie and Blues CD. Her original piece, "Cat Walk Boogie", is short and sweet like a feline frolicking on the keyboards. Little Debra covers both ends of the keyboard with the steady slow tempo and the melody accented with frills.”

Keith Clements Blues Columnist, LouisvilleMusicNew.net, Louisville, KY

“I enjoyed your music. Your piano playing reminds me a little like Fats Waller and I like the feel of Freedom has some Memphis Minnie style. I'm a cool cat!”

Benny Jenkins Bloodline, RN