Deborah Crooks / Press

"I’m genuinely impressed with the clarity of her voice...Deborah will touch a lot of people with her amazing talent, writing and singing."

“For almost twenty years the term Americana has been thrown around by music journalists to describe a folkier brand of rock with slight blues and country elements. It is the very term used to describe the music of Deborah Crooks but her newest album Little Bird is so much more than that. With her latest album, the listener is treated to the work of an artist with a wide palette of sounds at her disposal from straight ahead rock n roll to blues and from country to reggae. And lets not overlook those insightful lyrics of hers on such tracks as the bluesy title track, the pleasantly grooving Bittersweet Valentine and the spirited rocker Looking Down the Road. In short, Little Bird is not an album that can be defined by one sound or label. It is quite simply smart and engaging music.”

"Little Bird" is the third full CD by this songwriter who can dance smoothly from one genre to another like few others. She can, has to do with her ​​voice. That body, from afar a bit akin to that of Lucinda ( but less gritty ) or Chrissy Hynde (but less sharp), is without a doubt the most important asset for this singer, who is also writes all her own songs . For this third album Deborah appealed to the producers and musicians capacities Art Khu who ...demonstrates his versatility with the voice of Sometimes, as in "Bittersweet Valentine," it veers toward New Orleans funk, but Khu equally puts reggae lines down ("Find My Way"). In addition, he is in no small way helped by drummer Mike Stevens, who excels on every song. ... it's been a really long time since I heard a drummer so fully a musician. A let's see what we have thus far: a very nice, versatile voice great songs, lots of variety, delicate arrangements and a more than solid band.

"Her latest album, a follow-up to 2010 EPs It’s All Up To You and Other Halves, is titled Little Bird, and it may be the best yet from one Ms. Crooks. She said of the effort, “I’d written a lot of the songs within a year of going into the studio…When I wrote the title track ‘Little Bird’, the elections were in full force and I was listening to old Bob Dylan. Ultimately, that song is about banishing oppressions or isms. Freeing one’s mind or circumstance is the underlying theme or drive for many of the songs on the album so it seemed like a good fit.” "

“Crooks’ vocals and the strings transform “It’s All Up To You” from average to excellent, creating a deep emotional and musical piece. ...It’s All Up To You separates itself from the mainstream country pack and moves in a whole variety of unexpected directions.”

"My first impression of Deborah Crooks was that she has accomplished something that I have never heard from another female musician- she has managed to sound like Bob Dylan."

“... textual lyrical and musical gems such as the delicious "St. Anthony, the emotional but hopeful "Little Girl", the musical tour de force "Land's End" with beautiful harmony vocals by Eamon Ryland, the persistent fair "Miss Me Sometime" and the intensely intimate "Believe".”

"what a fine song stylist she is, sounding like Chrissie Hynde at her late 80s peak on the beautifully pensive Land’s End. ... highly nuanced, subtly soul-inflected delivery...