Debby Boland Watt / Press

“Debby Watt performed a signature performance at the Upstage, to a great crowd. Her band of Northwest jazz talents was well integrated into Debby's performance of jazz, pop, folk standards, and more. Her program was deliberately adventurous and very well received. In a jazz world secure, safe, and often dull with standards, Debby's delivery was truly unique and very pleasing. ~ Mark Manager/Owner of the Upstage Restaurant Port Townsend, WA ”

The Upstage Restaurant

“No doubt it will be some time before someone as fresh and beguiling as Debby Watt graces the Cornish jazz scene again! It was, simply put, a stellar performance. The versatility of her work, ran the gamut from a medley of familiar love songs, spontaneous composition, only to be capped off by her final piece "Stand Down". Debby demonstrated a remarkable breadth of creative ability and a performance style that was as dexterous as it is entertaining. Her melodic and harmonic intonation was flawless throughout the performance; her voice rose and fell, sustained and percussed, wooed and challenged all quite effortlessly. With warm personable conversation she thread her musical pearls together. What a gift unleashed in the Pacific Northwest Jazz scene. All I can say is, "Where’s the next gig Debby!" ~ Veronica Schmitt Musician, Landscape Artist Author of "The Mythistorical Garden" ”


“Debby's beautiful voice and improvisational skills were on display as she created lyrical, interesting music from lines delivered to her only moments before. Her crystal-clear delivery drew listeners into her world and her performance evoked strong emotions, as it delighted the audience. Debby’s wry humor and maturity infused her music with intelligence and grace, as she took full advantage of the excellent accompanists. The trio's performance was truly outstanding. One guest later wrote, "There was more talent gathered in your home tonight, than at any other venue in Tacoma. We felt privileged to be there." ~ Ross Singleton Professor and Chair of Economics University of Puget Sound ”


“Debby Watt came out on stage in a black sexy dress looking a lot like she did in the seventies with long straight blonde hair; shapely and unaged except for maturity and experience. Four band members, who seemed more than happy to be playing that evening, entered with her through the curtain. She brought her authentic self to her audience. We were amazed, delighted and honored to be there. She demonstrated her versatility as a vocal artist, able to sing the classics in a very classic way and to create her own style as an artist. I loved this performance. It was truly a gift to those who attended and a wonderful honoring of her life and accomplishments as a singer and human. My 25 years old son, who accompanied me, is a dance performer professionally. Because of Debby’s beautiful and inspiring performance, he has decided to apply to Cornish College of the Arts. ~ Kelly Doran ~ Broadway Center for the Performing Arts Tacoma, Washington ”