Debby Holiday / Press

"Have you ever watched and heard a singer and your body literally has a physical reaction the the performance? Goosebumps? Chills? Heart racing? That's what happens every time I hear Debby Holiday sing. Debby is a goddess, singing from her heart and from the depths of her soul. Debby LIVES her songs. It's a religious experience, truly. And Debby is always a professional, working hard off stage before she steps into that spotlight to make each performance an event for her audience."

~ Del Shores - https://www.facebook.com/delshoresfanclub

“A fiery voice that saddles the rock/soul fence ... positively uplifting" ”

Michael Paoletta - BillBoard Magazine

"Her music is a mixture of soul and rock and she is fierce!"

Deborah Dachinger - 92.5 KYHY FM

"... a compelling soul singer & dynamite live performer. A musical artist this good deserves recognition now more than ever, support this woman's delightful passion."

Issac McCalla - About.com

"... red hot Debby Holiday is a sizzling greek chorus"

Lee Spindle - Backstage West