DEATHZONE12, HGR RECORDS' videopage / Press

“MARS HOMEWORLD: By any chance is this the Scott Wilcox that used to be in BARDS OF FANTASIA? Loved that band; went to see them once in Sac, absolutely great show concept... set/art/backstory... Light years ahead of what anyone else in the scene was attempting..." _________ DJ SCOTT: That was me, INVENTING folk metal the same year Skyclad did in the UK in 1990....”


““Had a chance to comb through the 2 [mastered] songs ya sent me yesterday! Fucking Killer!! "Lies" is perfect!! Brutal as all Hell!! ...I'll listen to the rest today and tomorrow... Thanks again!!.... DUDE!!! FUCKING KILLER!!!””

“HGR Records' guest-artist AMERICAN HITMEN are finalists on "America's Got Talent"!!!! Love HOWARD STERN'S intro: "Gentlemen, you've come to the right place...I'm still looking for a great rock band, and it looks like you might be it." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJKUo-A__PM www.youtube.com”

“'FROM American Hitmen: Thank you, Scott, for the fan-video. We're excited to see how that story ends.' -------> REPLY: The "story" starts in the opening credits with the evil videogame, and all the videos are at www.reverbnation.com/deathzone12 except the WW2 one by Ritual of Terror, almost done. DECADE ESCAPADES plot: In 1985, two students are trapped in a videogame by the hero's jealous ex--and her video minions! An homage to 20th c. film-history, the couple are immersed in a 1940's Army hangar *Ritual of Terror),, 1920's gangster-casino (American Hitmen), 1960's freakout-seance (Sonic Prophecy), 1970's car-race (Arsenic Addiction), 1930's train-robbery (Deny Your Faith), and 1990's cyber-ninja-zombie graveyard (Reveeler). A Park City concert to promote the 100-free-DVD-run and Slamdance submission is planned for December!!!!!”

“Represent a local tv show looking for entertainment for a segment? email me if interested vubukata@gmail.com ”

“Repeatedly praised by SLUG (Salt Lake Underground) MAG for music and film work...”