Deathwish Of Trey Mafia / Press

“heyyy deathwish i am crazy lovin your work its really unique and you are poppin with those lyrics wow xoxo”

Anita Lynn

“hott tracks much love and respect for your music. BLESSED LOVE AND RESPECT KEEP ON.”

Cuban Connection Ent.

“Excellent Work! Stay Blessed! Best Regards! Sean!”

Lord Of Spirits

“u know i had to come to ya page and show sum luv! keep in touch more flamerz on the way and keep dropping that great sound! YA BOY, Dj McKenly”

DJ McKenly

“TREY MAFIA!!!! we need 2 record soon bruh! you already know your music is the shit fam.”

Krazi Khris

“They call me a psycho, and I call them correct. For saying such a compliment, they get punched in the neck.”

Deathwish - Spendin Big


Deathwish - Kool-Aid

"No, the love songs that I made are usually about someone. My Sunshine, one of the few that I sing in, was about my ex and how she started to cheat on me but I was trying to get her back on the right path. And I have about three others that are about a girl that I pretty much fell in love with because she's so...like me I guess. (laugh)"

Dr. Death and the Mafia - In The Casket Skitzo Interview

"Yes. I'm really that crazy. When I did 'Frontin' I was very serious about everything I said in that song. I remember stepping out the booth and K-s0 had this look on his face like 'Did you really just sap like that?' and without him saying anything I said, 'Ya damn right!'

Dr. Death and the Mafia - In The Casket Skitzo Interview

“Allow me to now introduce myself: My name is Death. That's right, Grim Reaper status; black hoodied down along with the scythe just to match it.”

Deathwish - My Name Is Death

“Death, Deathwish, Dr. Death. As long as it's dead then you know it's my work.”

Dr. Death and the Mafia - In The Casket Skitzo Interview