DeathWalking / Press

“You’re never sure where they’re going to take you from one track to the next. Just as you’re starting to speed up listening to them, they decide to completely alter the pace. Surprisingly, it works really well.”

“Como si los primeros My Dying Bride hubieran conocido a los Ulver actuales y esta mezcla cantase en gallego, Infectados es un álbum que bien merece una escucha dedicada.”

“The way they utilize electronics is unique, and on future records let’s hope that they continue pushing the envelope.”

"From the very moment the album kicks in with “Cae” through to the end track “Fragua” it’s an aural soundscape that just finds a way of drawing you in and shaking your bones through to the core."

"[...] la sorpresa que supone el descubrimiento de este grupo, que, sin duda, está llamado a ocupar un lugar de privilegio dentro de la escena extrema de nuestro país."

"With deep, invigorating tones, beats compared to that of hallowed crypts. Vocals to inspire the mouth of hell to vomit forth damnation on your soul."