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“Rough and scuzzy and all kinds of noisy - like the best rock 'n' roll is, obviously - it's been on the stereo a fair few times since it landed in our inboxes a while back. (Full album Stream)”

“one listen to Death Valley High's second record 'Positive Euth" will make it clear that the singer has plenty of fight still in him.”

Andrew Kelham - Rock Sound

“Hot New Band: a mixture of snarling punk, high-tempo rock and 90s-tinged alt-rock.”

Metal Hammer

“I found that Death Valley High is very multi-talented. The feature has a way of showcasing their many flavors, and with any truly unique band, the flavors will vary.”

“If 2011′s well-received Doom, In Full Bloom found the band finessing its doom pop style into fighting shape, Positive Euth is the band going for kidney punches.”

“It's an evolutionary that makes the implications that much better and larger for them because this is just the beginning.”

“latest album, Positive Euth, adds everything from the catchy pop end of the spectrum to the hard hitting metal in their “Doom Pop” made genre.”

“(7 out of 10) Case of the Blue Mondays: "Fresh cut "Doomsday In The Disco" is an aggressive party jam, full of grating lead vocals and down tuned chunk.”

Joshua Bottomley - Outburn Magazine

"More is to come from the musical skill set and abilities that is Death Valley High a band that has come a long way and still see's more coming at them!"

“Everything is turned up a notch for the new songs. If it was dark, we went darker; if it was hard, we went harder; or, if it was dancy, we went dancier." -Reyka DVH”

“Winner of the 11th Annual Independent Music Awards Rock/Hard Rock song for "Multiply”

“Multiply” is a nearly perfectly crafted modern-rock radio single—you could play it in between a song by Foo Fighters and one by Deftones, and not a single listener would blink.”

“With an increasing catalog of blood-boiling dance jams, Death Valley High is solidifying itself as one head-banging, ass-shaking alma mater.”

“...one of the year's spookiest new musical surprises, smashing apart the barriers of horror-punk, modern metal and hooky pop-rock. Now the band has released a grim, violent new video for their latest single "Multiply" and you can catch that clip on the flip.”

“School is in session, and Doom, In Full Bloom is the Spring 2011 release that will seize our minds and mold it the Death Valley High way.”

“One of the bands I am most excited about for 2011! Check them out... you'll be SO glad you did! ROCKS LIKE: My Chemical Romance, At the Drive In, Shiny Toy Guns”

“Death Valley High...The Real Deal!!!”

"Death Valley High has a good thing going."

“Death Valley High come from a fine tradition of groups like Alice Cooper, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, and Marilyn Manson: bands that write music as dramatic and arresting as their image and lyrics.”

“Dave Grohl fans will be shocked to hear Doom wasting the Foos’ overpraised Wasting Light. DVH is my new favorite; Doom is among 2011’s Top 10 rock albums.”

“...a killer rock record – one that gets you shakin’ all over and ready to gyrate on the dance floor – dope-style.”

“Their style injects a touch of horror into a hook-heavy (and even danceable) pop punk/metal formula, which only sets a band apart from the herd...”

“...a pummeling version of Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Gril", which sounds like the pop star's head being caved in.”

“Death Valley High tell us about "Multiply" from their brand new album "Doom, in Full Bloom,".... It's a "foreign" agitator pushing you to scary places; both eerie and euphoric. That feeling of your heart racing and adrenaline multiplying.”

“battle-scarred, electro-screeching head-bangers DEATH VALLEY HIGH’s crushing, gulag-gouging, “Doom, in Full Bloom””

John Noyd - Maximum Ink

“...leaving you in no doubt that you're listening to the start of what's sure to be a stunning career. rating 8 (out of 10)”

Dan Slessor - Outburn Magazine

“songs on its current LP are propelled by long, uvular vocal howls and the primal crunch of electric guitars.”

"Meet Me For Ouija" is like a pop version of The Dillinger Escape Plan in all honesty! rating 5.2 (out of 6)

“Dedicated to down-tuned discordant dance rock, Death Valley High flirts with The Cure and Sonic Youth in the hallways while crushing on The Refused and Fugazi when they think no one is watching. Choppy, cacophonous guitar chords are juxtaposed by low, single note riffage that gives each tune an unsteady feel, but DVH keeps them from capsizing with their versatile vocals.”

“The new sound of the down market suburbs that are springing up across the land of no hope. Doom metal leading the charge to nowhere in a place that offers little way out. Parents, this is the new sound of raging hormones in your basement. Youth is pissed.”

“Death Valley High is back in session and accepting enrollment into their pop-punk courses with promising doom pop ethics that won’t leave utter disappoint in its signature.”

Natalie Perez - Metal Maniacs.com

“Reyka Osburn of Death Valley High says music is his therapist, best friend and drug pusher”

"It's really good! Tight playing, great production!"

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