Deathronic / Press

“...Duality Chaos features some truly memorable riffs and symphonic elements that create a unique hybrid of Dark Metal, Black Metal and Doom Metal yet all the while seem to blaze new paths of musical innovation. Fans of complex and challenging metal will find themselves lost in the maze of madness that is DEATHRONIC.”

David Horn - D.O.A Magazine (US) - 8 Skulls/10

“...Un disque déjà extrêmement mature et prometteur...”

Sven - Hard Rock Magazine - 7/10

“...First album Duality Chaos with its blend of blackened death metal with chilling atmospherics is as dark as a tomb ... ...Amine Andalous has created something a oui bit special”

Dan Bond - Power Play Magazine (UK) - 8/10

“The journey towards symphonic bliss is never straight-forward with black metal. The crunching riffs and thin-as-air keyboards, get brutally assaulted by fierce screaming vocals, which really bend things out of shape at times. I’m very much impressed by how this one-man-band from Paris, can create such a full and orchestral sound. Amine Andalous is a master of so many instruments that you can’t deny his genius. The vocals, on the thin line between black metal screaming, and death metal grunting, add that ugly touch and the touch of evil, that is still very much present in all of us, the one which formed the foundation on which the record is built. The mixed emotions in ‘Duality Chaos’ tear me apart, but judging by the title that’s exactly what Andalous wanted to achieve.”

“Deathronic releases an album with a lot of musical heights, and it’s a pity that the duration is limited to 25 minutes, as I could enjoy more of this stuff! Those that want to hear something new and refreshing, with a wide musical range, should check this release! The main concept behind ‘Duality Chaos’ is human violence, which is very present both in the lyrics and on the album’s artwork, done by Seth Siro Anton of Septic Flesh. Never thought that chaos could turn into something beautiful like this! "”

“Si certains avaient encore des doutes sur la scène française ..., qu'ils soient rassurés, un futur grand est né ! A chaudement recommander pour bien commencer l'année...”

“Ein interessantes Album mit einem ganz eigenem Charakter!”

"Duality Chaos" s'adresse à ceux qui apprécient les mélanges, aussi impromptus soient-ils... Officiant dans un metal symphonique extrême et expérimental, le Parisien rend sa musique moderne et fraîche en intégrant des éléments divers, allant du black au death en passant par le heavy, l'électronique, l'oriental et le gothique... Les orchestrations impériales se mêlent avec la saveur orientale et l'agressivité du death metal.

“L'influence orientale est présente sur ce titre à voir donc si le reste de l'album sera dans la même veine. Si c’est le cas ça nous changera des projets copiés collés sur Dimmu Borgir ou Cradle of Filth, un titre qui laisse présager un bon album, à suivre !”