Death Requisite / Press

“The best way to explain this band and song is good quality black metal with a guitarist who actually knows what he’s doing.”

“Incredible guitar work. Super heavy, great melody, great chemistry. Very unique vocal sound. Fantastic show.”

JEFF TILLMAN - Crush Drums

"You guys (Death Requisite) are so good, you can say anything you want and I will confirm the quote."

Matt Day - Willpower Entertainment

"Death Requisite is the greatest death metal band around."

JRock Staffieri - Rock Solid Pressure Showcase

"Good chemistry. Great job, very heavy."

Matt LaPLant - Producer - Atlantic Records, Roadrunner Records, Beiler Bro's Records

"Death Requisite [live] got me hammered so hard I'm going to need 5 months to a year to sober up. Really, very good metal; they're the reason I'm here."

Matt Day - Willpower Ent

“[Revisitation] the most beautifully brutal song I've ever heard! Blinding technicality with a mix of perfect vocals, and everything fits together so well!”

“The best metal band to come out of the Tampa area in a long time!”

“These Florida death metalers’ Second Death EP is a thriller ... to make listeners want more.. the dark, classical vibe woven through the music...Death Requisite is very tight...Highly recommended.”

"...powerhouse heavy hitter from Tampa, Fla with...unrelenting sounds of brutality."

"Biting melodic black metal from Florida. These boys from the land of sunshine have successfully emulated their Norse brethren to create a foreboding work of art."


"Check out [Death Requisite] for some extreme metal... Everything from thrash to Black/Death metal it's fantastic!"

DPTH International

"The extreme metal scene has a lot of good stuff to offer these days. Death Requisite mixes some black into their semi-melodic death metal on this holy anthem!"

Artic Radio

"Good melodic black metal from Florida!"

Death's Among Us

"[Death Requisite] runs the gamut from slow to mid-paced to speedy. The vocals range from Black Metal shrieks to Death Metal growls... pretty cool... Give it a listen and see for yourself."


“Amazingly entertaining.”

Massacre Metal