Death of Hi Fi / Press

“Opener ‘Hello From the Children of Earth’ takes you aback, but not for long — the jumble of unidentifiable foreign languages makes sense once you get what the idea for the album was. Accentuates the variety on Earth? Check. The variety of the album itself? Double-check. ‘Entering Orbit,’ the official intro, is the sort of suspense-filled track that fits the image of the UFO, appropriately, entering orbit. Dramatic without being overdone, it sets the stage perfectly for following tracks such as ‘Keep Me Down,’ ‘Until I Stop Breathing,’ and ‘Manamals.‘ They’re surprisingly adept at analyzing what being a living thing on Earth is like (Wariness! The fight to survive! Destroying things, if you’re human!), set to the best trippy beats, electronic samples, and ominous guitar and/or piano riffs heard in ages.”

“We do not have a dinosaur "..Highlights include Death of Hi Fi, whose usually heavy Hip Hop brew is put through an industrial filter making them sound something akin to the Prodigy...."”

"...Dark opener 'Redashalpha' is reminiscent of Bomb the Bass, at that point in the late 80's when dance melded with Hip Hop beats, whilst guitars, scratching and spoken samples all swirl around to intoxicating effect on 'Purple Skies'. It's not unlike Tackhead and other darker industrial products of the On-U Sound stable and fully deserves the records preface 'inspired by an 80's childhood spent living in fear of Globalthermonuclear war'..."

“‘Purple Skies’ brings the hip hop influence more clearly to the forefront and sounds pleasingly similar to DJ Shadow; the combination of ethereal keyboards and a wailing guitar solo recall some of the highlights of Entroducing, easily making this the cinematic highlight of the collection. “’79′, a short instrumental piece, again continues the strong hip hop feel and, despite its brevity, is just begging for an MC to jump on it. ‘We’re still here’ is another highlight – spooky, atmospheric, perfectly in keeping with the album’s paranoid tone.”

“Today's TunA is a twiddly piece of electronica from Death of Hi Fi. They mix chilled hip hop with a splash of jazz and this track is taken from their 2nd EP One9 Seventy 9. Both this and their 1st one, White Sands, are available as FREE downloads.”