“I got to the venue around a quarter to nine to catch the final bit of Deathmocracy (a local act I particularly enjoy). Afterwards there were two bands until Hate Eternal whose material I had not yet heard at all, Theories and Fallujah. Both were goods acts but I don't really have a whole lot to say about them. If you're a fan of either and haven't seen them, don't worry, they played well and sounded precise.”

“Normally I skip the local bands but I made the rare decision to head down early and check out Seattle locals Deathmocracy. I bring attention to them because their stage show was less like that of your typical local opener and more like a touring act. A whole setup involving a couple of priestly characters, some incense, and a podium culminated into a very dark-clergy theme that went very well with the sound, which was strong enough to get some energy out of the crowd. A pleasant far cry from the offensive-to-the-senses openers I'm used to. Glad to see justification in holding that Seattle isn't wholly dearth of good metal.”

“Second-Best Band Name SoDo’s Studio Seven is a prime location for underage metal shows and, more important, for finding awesome band names. In July alone, the venue hosted bands with names that ranged from goofy (Poke Da Squid) to violent (Murder Death Kill) to morbid (Dying Fetus). But of the bands that have played the venue in the past few months, Seattle-based metal five-piece Deathmocracy might be the most unabashed in their punning. What is a Deathmocracy, anyway? It would probably be a terrible form of government, but it’s a perfect name for a metal band. Andrew Gospe myspace.com/deathmocracy”