Deathline / Press

“All throbbing phallic guitar lines, dirty electronica and moody telephone-line vocals”


“'NOVA' is an album with magnificent attention to detail and a surprising amount of depth. They've pushed the boat out, taken the necessary time and hoped this would bring them the winning formula. Well it's not just a podium finish, this is a gold medal worthy album.”

“Deathline really know how to mix up the genres. From electronica to art rock they can play it all. They have evolved through the years with some touches of Suicide but mix it with a 60s psychedelic sleazy sound”

Dan Devour - Music Week

“There are riffs aplenty, but also nods to dirty electronica, krautrock, garage rock and industrial metal. The songs are quite eclectic, a refreshing change from being beaten around the head with the same formula for every song on an album. With vocals that reminiscent of DFA 1979 and Eighties Matchbox one minute, then Velvet Underground the next, this is definitely worth a listen for anyone with a love for the heavier side of life.”

““Fusion of smutty electronica, suicide-esque atmospherics and post-punk vocals””

"Deathline are a female lead duo with a fine line in post artrock rumble that purrs like a new born kitten and shreds your skin like a tiger on speed. Kinda like a 21st century Sonny & Cher having lunch with The Raveonettes served by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' at Joy Division's greasy spoon cafe."

"Seriously unworldly electronica new wave, this is glamour at it's darkest."

"The rock'n'roll economy of a power duo. Kaoru's distinctive fuzz-tone guitars complemented by Jennie's deadpan noir vocal deliver a garage-punk pop with shades of Jesus and MaryChain, Ravonettes & Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Abrasive energy and tunes, a winning combination."

"Noir Rock with grinding drums that spit out short sharp burst of venom and a broody as hell bass give this duo a minimal Jesus and Marychain like vibe. The sultry and cool as you like vocals from front woman Jennie come across like a punk-rock Nico. An amazing combination."

Lee Puddefoot - Spoon of Music