Death By Steamship / Press

“The single comes three tracks deep, with each showing off a bold and aggressive punk edge that varies from track to track. On the A-side, “Smoke and Sweat” joins an unpredictable combination of punk rock with a danceable drum beat, filled out with throbbing bass lines and jagged guitars all in efforts to silence the stereo. “Dirty Venetian Blinds” follows behind with its chunky bass lines, boasting a rowdy attitude that explodes in your face with stomping percussion and cutting guitar leads. Last but not least, the curiously titled “You Need a Super, Special, Specialized, Specialist” brings more discontented punk rage to the table. The song is driven by pulsing bass lines while the metallic jangle of the guitar continues to push forward, making for an awesome balance between clangorous noise and grungy punk.”

“Setting aside that it’s hilariously awesome that Death By Steamship’s label is called Whoa! Boat Records, the group’s new release Facetious is a solid dance punk affair. Boasting three songs and a joke radio broadcast, this 7” promises some post-punky fun for all. That said, the world Death By Steamship lives in sure does sound gross and/or populated by jerks. “Smoke and Sweat” declares “I wanna smoke and sweat / Live life with minimal regrets / I wanna bounce and hop / Shake my ass until they make me stop.” Propelled by a gnarly guitar riff ‘n’ danceable drum beat, it’s a catchy ditty, but I’m fairly certain the narrator smells like butts mixed with more butts. “You Need a Super, Special, Specialized, Specialist” is about dealing with scene kids (r.e. - pricks). The track between the two, “Dirty Venetian Blinds,” just so happens to bridge the two, to the extent that it’s about stinky places and jerkfaces. So, there’s that. ”

“Seattle Washington's Death By Steamship is yet another stellar band on the Whoa Boat Records roster. As I'm listening to this three song teaser I find myself hearing influences ranging from Fugazi's experimental sound, Murder City Devils and perhaps a louder, dirtier Modest Mouse. All of it served up with a heavy dose of grungy bombast and Post Hardcore swagger. The kind of band that would bring a chainsaw to a knife fight. The record opens up with the anthemic "Smoke and Sweat". Excellent riffs and carnage which is slightly over-matched by it's drunken chorus. All coming together to conjure up the image of a whiskey soaked singalong in the back of a dark, dirty bar. "Dirty Venetian Blinds" follows with a similar vibe. "You Need A Special, Specialized, Specialist" brings the record to a close with it's manic ride. Twisting guitars and sludgy drums take center stage here. All in all, it's nice brooding record that's worth checking out.”

“Death By Steamship play a sort of jazzy, post-hardcore that goes from jaggedly-meandering to a more straightforward punk. The album starts out with “Digital Relay,” a timely, punk-as-fuck song about how technology is making us ignorant, detached from our environments, and stupid. One could not ask for a better written and timelier song, at a time when even the punks can’t resist Big Brother Facebook. The ebbing to pounding style of the band really draws the listener in. The vocals, I feel I must mention, are quite similar to Murder City Devils, and that might not serve them well, being that they’re from Seattle and all. But Jason’s vocals are only similar in cadence and vigor. They lack the grandiosity and theatrical goofiness of M.C.D. Otherwise, they sound quite different, and I would, actually, recommend Death By Steamship if you want a more empowering alternative than the Situationist-jerking-off-to-a noir-film, bad-boy-fantasy style of Murder City Devils.”

"S.S. Endurance" is an impressive debut full-length from these Seattle area emo rockers. Ok, "emo" is not a good word anymore, but I'm talking about the original connotation of the term, as in a more experimental type of hardcore. After listening to the album three times over the course of just as many days, I still have a mental block when it comes to words for describing it. There's certainly a slight Fugazi type of thing going on, but much more abrasive and really only in a sense of style that jumps from melodious to powerful and back again. I'm also reminded a bit of Beefeater at times, mixed with Pacific Northwest gloominess and a touch of cynicism. My inability to pigeonhole the band exposes their unrestrained penchant to go beyond genre defining boundaries, which is something that is desperately needed in the punk scene today. Very cool!

“Seattle’s Death By Steamship play a certain brand of minimalist punk that comes off as a cross between art punks Les Savy Fav and post-hardcore groups like Fugazi and fellow Seattleites These Arms are Snakes. The music itself is serious and at times heavy, thanks to some outstandingly rugged and gravely vocals, but the song titles and lyrics lend some much needed lightheartedness. You gotta love a band that works “Golden Girls” into its lyrics (see “Dodge Street Summers” from its new LP S.S. Endurance).”

“What you will find here is raunchy, scuzzy and totally raw punk rock with a staggering hardcore twist. High voltage guitars (“Dodge Street Summers”) and a disgruntled attitude are all buried under a block of grungy lo-fi sludge that masks these fiery songs with their intimidating, trashcan like growl. Some of the songs are a little less abrasive than the rest, like the medium paced power punk head-banger “Moorage Fees”, which features a bouncy bass that should definitely get you moving. “Cuter Girls Ride Bikes” follows a similarly less heavy pattern for awhile, beginning with wispy guitars to open things up, however this doesn’t last too long before the heavy, decaying madness sets in to steal the show. A song like this proves they know how to knock you on your ass, but at the same time they come back to pick up the pieces.”

“My attention was quickly grabbed by their sloppy, muffled, drunken art-rock. The lead vocals are screaming proclamations buried beneath deceptively complex instrumentation that blends punk, jazz, and new wave influences... Their music is so bursting with messy exuberance. It’s the sound of a band that hasn’t been around long enough to be afraid of risking the audience for the sake of pushing the envelope.”

"These art-damaged Seattle punks take very little seriously. But their music they take very seriously. Best song title: “Theme Song for a Belltown Pseudo Yuppie.”

“Steamed my ears like chopped broccoli and cauliflower. And they seem to either love or hate cows. And I couldn't agree more.”