Death By Rodeo / Press

“DBR combines the best of their favorite genres into a new conglomeration that truly rocks. Rockabilly becomes hyper charged, punk’s color is changed. Not in an MTV way, that caters to prepubescent girls, but in a mature flavoring that appeals to all of us. Mark, former drummer in various punk bands, maintains a thunderous and maniacal beat that drives the best the boys up front have to offer. Luke, lead soprano in the church choir, croons songs in English and pig-Latin inflected Spanish as well as laying down blistering guitar and lap steel. Matt is a superb bass guitarist and upright player, laying down intricate and untraditional lines that Luke’s guitar just seems to float over... &nbspDBR delivers a show that is like Godzilla bashing through Tokyo. They own the stage, they produce a sweat soaked, beer encrusted experience like no other. It is because of bands like DBR that live music survives.””

Z.P. Kunkle

"Fun-loving Rockabilly from Ohio that stays lively and in love with its roots. They swerve between traditional twangy tunes to songs with a little more thunder under the hood. Once you crack the top, you won't be spitting it out."

Rock n' Roll Purgatory