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“John Pearse Strings - Endorsee - Wendy Clay”

“2016 in Review: Top 10 Amarillo concerts Posted by Chip Chandler The much-awaited return of this indie-rock duo to its hometown resulted in an explosion of music —”

“from "Shine On", an article on Phil the Fan (Phil Hamon)- , the ultimate quotes are from the fans - "I know all the bands. Some of these pictures were taken in the '80s, back when I had a Mohawk and wore punk suspenders. And there," he continues, rolling up onto the balls of his feet as if to emphasize the supreme coolness of the next exhibit, "is me with my favorite band in the entire world." It is a photograph of Hamon and Dear Marsha, the acoustic-driven rock act led by vocalist Raina Ayres and guitarist Wendy Clay. "”

“I once saw Dear Marsha perform at Herman's Hideaway (Denver) and they rocked the house. The band opened up with Bohemian Rhapsody and they were as good, if not better than Queen! Later in the act lead singer Raina belted out a couple of Janis Joplin tunes. It was amazing! Rhythm guitarist Wendy wowed the audience with her beer bottle guitar playing and drummer Amelia certainly knows her way around a set of bongos. Unfortunately the band doesn't seem to be performing as often nowadays, consider yourself lucky to catch this group of talented artists in concert. This cd is definitely a must buy! "Don't Ever Let Met Go" is my favorite track. After a couple of times you'll find yourself bopping and singing along.”

“In Denver, they have "built a really, really good crowd base" and found a central location to launch road trips.”

"And to demonstrate that the band has not forgotten its mostly southern roots, Dear Marsha even delivers, on occasion, a stirring rendition of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" that's so authentic it's sure to inspire everyone to resin up that bow."

“Marsha's leading lovely ladies and co-founders -- vocalist Raina Ayres and Wendy Clay, a guitar mama who can't stop hoppin' (on tables, on barstools, whatever) -- are on a quest to marry acoustic music with the energy of electric rock."”

““Sort of like the Indigo girls on acid with Heart as their back up band!””

Weird Sisters

““Dear Marsha brings with it a power grrrl rock sound with a twisted shade of soul and wicked humor”.”


““Dear Marsha, has emerged as one of the local scene's most energetic and exuberant bands."”

Westword Magazine

““Raina has an incredibly powerful voice that always adds the right “umph.” Wendy is a skilled guitar player who continues to get better every year. The two together become fire on the stage burning away any shyness”.”

““Dear Marsha is one of Colorado?s hottest local bands. Hard work (they play ALL the time), infectious sounds and a sincere heart for their audience is their recipe for success””

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